Islamization of Europe Far Advanced

We are told of a pregnant Muslim woman who cut into the line at a French post office. When someone in line objected, she pointed to her unborn baby and shouted, "Don't you know that this generation will be the next rulers of France?" This attitude seems ridiculous to the Western mind, but recent events have begun to shock us into reality. The European nations, that refused to go with us to strike at terrorism's roots in Iraq and Afghanistan, are now staring it in the face in their own cities.

The event that finally got Europe's attention was a brutal murder in Holland. Theo van Gogh, descendant of the famous Dutch artist, was shot twice, his throat slit and a letter stuck to his chest with a knife. The letter railed against "infidels" and warned that Europe and America were "going to meet with disaster." The attacker turned out to be a young local Muslim who was born and educated in Holland's sunshine of tolerance.

When police tracked him down, they found a nest of Muslim radicals. In the wake of van Gogh's assassination, Mosques have been burned and churches torched. Dutch leaders who spoke out against the radicals have been threatened with beheadings.

EU leaders are suddenly in a quandary over discovering these terrorists in their midst. Historically Europe is "Christian," but today it is predominantly secular humanist with a philosophy of live-and-let-live appeasement. Muslim immigrants have trooped through the open borders and now number some 25 million. They are growing at a far higher birth rate than European natives who abort over a million babies a year. Already, 20% of European youth are Muslim. Most European countries are not even having enough babies to replace their populations.

The prediction of the Muslim woman in the French post office no longer seems far fetched. One European Commissioner stated flatly that Europe "is destined to be Islamized." In addition, EU countries are in hot debate over Turkey, who has applied for membership. This would bring another 70 million Muslims into the European union and a country highly intolerant of anything Christian or non-Muslim. Turkey's population growth sets it on track to overtake Germany in a couple of decades.

Some EU leaders are gaining a following by advocating limits on immigration from Muslim countries and deportation of all Islamic radicals. Yet, Europe's dependence on middle east oil will likely guarantee continued appeasement of terrorist nations.

This is not a pretty picture. Yet, Europe at this juncture is an object lesson for America. They chose secular humanism and a hollow, ritualized "Christianity" instead of the Bible when the Reformation emerged. Bible believers were persecuted until they fled to the New World to establish a nation on Biblical values.

Now, we see America following in Europe's foot steps. Evolution, Socialism, Humanism, Secularism all are becoming deeply rooted in our culture. These are fueling a growing decadence similar to Europe's essentially godless societies. The recent presidential election illustrated a basic divide in America. One side advocated European style big government and tolerance of sin. The other stood for the values of America's founders. And yet the vote was close.

There is no doubt we are in a "clash of cultures." On the one hand, Islam is on the march, determined to rule the world for Allah. In addition, Satan has introduced the "strong delusion" of evolution that essentially shuts God out of the picture and allows man to believe that he can be his own god. From that grows a self-centered culture such as we see in Europe and we are rapidly becoming like them.

Between these two attacks on Biblical Christianity, soul winners have a lot of work to do. The Muslims must be shown that Jesus is really God and He has a love for them that is foreign to the teachings of the Koran. Those who are deceived by Godless humanism and secularism must be shown that Jesus loves them, too, as His beloved creation and He has an abundant and eternal life for them if they will accept His gift of salvation.

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