It's a Bigger Battle Than You Think

Someone has described the recent political chaos as a battle for the soul of America. But the political arena is only a skin sore. The infection is much deeper.

Any "soul" that America has is the product of the "souls" of all Americans.

We are shocked when a girl finds a man in her bathroom. But only in the "Christian" west and only in the last 500 years have women been able to expect any kind of protection and respect. Most people in history would be shocked that the locker room is protected.

We are shocked when investigations report thousands molested by hundreds of priests, first in Chile, then in Pennsylvania, then Germany, then Ireland. But U.S. soldiers reported "toy boys" were common among the local "clergy" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Human trafficking" is a popular tourist attraction throughout the Far East. Thirty-five cents is the price of a preteen in parts of Africa. Historically, this "oldest profession" is not just a recent phenomenon.

Freedom from such slavery is the exception and only in the more recent, biblically-based cultures. The only other time in history was when Israel obeyed God's instruction not to offer their children as burnt sacrifices to the Molech demon. The biblical record of God's plan is unique in its respect for dignity.

The Bible speaks of the "god of this world." He is good at convincing that he doesn't exist. Many in America have bought this lie. Now he is free to whisper again: "Ye shall be as gods." So, man fancies that he can create heaven on earth: eliminate disease, aging, and poverty. But Satan is gleeful when it turns out to be hell on earth instead. And we never learn. We ignore Hitler, Stalin, the Inquisition popes, Genghis Kahn, Mao, Pol Pot. All are now in the real hell silently screaming: "NO! NO! We had it all wrong!"

But we refuse to listen.

Prophetic Scriptures are not encouraging except for hope beyond the grave. "In the world ye shall have tribulation," John writes.

But warfare has never been pretty. How can we expect it otherwise in this mother-of-all-conflicts between our Creator and our common enemy? But there is no way to be neutral. We are born into this war and just have to decide whose side we are on.

Once there, we must pick our weapons. Modern military weapons are so powerful that war is now almost unthinkable. But guns and missiles are only used to promote or defend an "ideology." Hitler had an idea and sold it to the people who built his war machine.

Today, America is hung up on ideas. Muslims believe Allah wants them to rule the world. Humanists believe evolution can be harnessed to create paradise. America was founded on the ideas in a Bible authorized in the 17th century by a British king.

So, the war is really about ideas. And that's where we Bible believers come in. The gospel is the only "idea" that works. And General Jesus said go tell everyone.

And anyone who calls himself a Bible believer must decide his focus. Government policy can never change the heart. Only the Holy Spirit can do that.

But when enough hearts are aligned with love for God and love for our neighbor, then righteous people will set the few policies that will be necessary.

Soul winners dare not shrink from active duty. If we don't tell them what Jesus said, how can they choose life? And ink on paper is still very effective. Thousands of testimonies in the Chick Publications files testify to the power of a gospel tract —but only after someone read it. Soldier, when it's over, will you receive: "well done..." or be charged AWOL?

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