How To Judge In a 'Non-Judgmental' World?

Google is in a quandary over whose advertising to censor. But it’s hard to be completely neutral in today’s contentious world. Google built its business model on inviting everyone to come and learn everything about anything. But it has created uneasy digital bedfellows.

Soft porn ads are showing up next to Christian web sites. Pro-abortion web sites complain that pro-life ads are adjacent to theirs. In other countries, governments are getting involved, trying to set censorship standards for political purposes. The controversy over sexual orientation has fueled many conflicting situations.

The whole dust-up is typical of a culture that has lost it way. Since there is no longer a respect for God’s standard of righteousness, everyone does that which is right in their own eyes. When these viewpoints clash, who is to judge in a “non-judgmental” world?

Some common people are recognizing the confusion and looking for a way out. Many have turned to politics for the solution, wrongly thinking that changing government policies will change men’s hearts.

But there is only one way to root out sin and contention in society, and that is a turning of its members’ hearts toward God. No amount of change in government regulations or Google censorship can help that.

The ball is in the church’s court now. The only thing that can save America and her influence for good in the world is revival. For over 200 years, young Americans have spilled their blood on foreign lands to not only safeguard freedom at home, but to save their people from grinding tyranny. 

But that has not been enough. Our Bible-believing pastors must call sin, SIN; standing against the erupting immorality in our culture, and calling the nation to repentance. Only then will we see that God is not the author of our confusion, but that it is caused by our own rebellion against His word.

Since Gutenberg invented the printing press, gospel tracts have played a major role in exposing sin. An engaging story in a quality tract will be read by many more people than will bother to open a Bible. But the tract can lead them to the Bible —and a changed heart.

Soul winners, we have work to do and the harvest is ripening.