Many U.S. Mosques Teach Violence Against Non-Muslims

Evidence continues to mount that the Muslims who have been welcomed into America, are not generally interested in joining our way of life, but are plotting to replace it. A recent investigation of 100 mosques picked at random in all parts of the country, found that over 80 percent recommended Muslim study texts promoting violence against non-Muslims.

The researchers concluded that most mosques were actually incubators for violent overthrow of our way of life. The leaders were not here to flourish in the freedom we enjoy, but to destroy it instead. The political climate and secular world view does not provide an adequate response to this kind of attack. In fact, since this is a spiritual attack by a dynamic, militant, false religion, politics and atheistic humanism are no match. The only adequate response has to be a spiritual one.

Some in the government and media are beginning to become concerned. Rep. Peter King has been holding committee hearings trying to spotlight this danger. He has been under relentless attack by Muslim leaders and sympathizers and a tolerance-or-die media.

What we really need is a serious concern by Bible believers. Since this is a spiritual war behind the violence, only a spiritual counterattack will work. We get a clue from the fact that, 50 years ago, Muslim leaders discouraged their members from coming to the U.S. They feared that the superior teachings of the Bible would open the eyes of their people to the pagan bondage of Islam. Now they have little to fear. The churches are either ignoring this fertile mission field or welcoming them with open arms as fellow worshippers of the same "monotheistic deity."

This leaves Bible believers as the only real hope for America in this conflict. Iraq and Afghanistan have proven that "nation building" alone doesn't work. Handing them Israel's head on a platter won't work either. So where do we start?

First, we have to realize that the God of the Bible is the real Creator and Allah is just another one of Satan's imposters. With that truth, our most powerful weapon is love, love that is strong enough to invite a Muslim neighbor to sit down and compare notes. As Mohammad Ghazoli describes in his book, Christ, Muhammad and I, when someone showed him the loving God of the Bible, he realized that here was the God he had been searching for all his life. He knew that he had not found it in Islam with its uncaring and capricious Allah. But the caring, predictable, unchanging nature of the biblical God, was totally different; One who he could commit his life to. Chances are good that if you can show a Muslim your personal relationship with the biblical Creator and how the Holy Spirit guides you to truth, he will allow you to guide him out of his pagan darkness. Granted, we must also enforce the laws that protect our freedom, but that alone will not stop this new kind of invasion.

A spiritual response must be the spearhead of our defense. And, Bible believers, we are it. No one else can do it. Chick Publications provides literature to both equip the soul winner and reach the Muslim. Books like Who is this Allah? and Anatomy of the Qur'an, detail the unbiblical teachings of Islam. The tracts, Is Allah Like You? and Allah Had No Son, also teach contrasts between the Bible and Islam, but are designed to give the Muslim something to think about when he is presented with the possibility that the Bible teaches a better path.

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