Message From Jack Chick January/February 2016

Dear ones in Christ,

Last evening a lady came to my front door. I didn`t recognize her. But she had come to visit my sister-in-law. It so happened that both of them had worked in the same hospital. The lady said, "Jack, don`t you recognize me?" I didn`t. She said, "I`m Margaret. I was Lloyd`s nurse when he died."

The strange thing was that Lloyd and I had worked together as artists in the same aerospace plant. Thad was the only guy that got saved in our group when I worked there. I wrote a letter about him recently. I really liked Lloyd, but he was very bitter and wanted nothing to do with God. When Lloyd was in his teens, he became very sick, and they had to remove his infected arm.

I kept witnessing to him as long as I worked there. Then I tried to keep in touch with him.

50 years had passed, and I got word that Lloyd was dying. Fred Carter (our comic book illustrator) had also known Lloyd. We went together to visit him. Fred is a great artist, and also a pastor. We frequently visited Lloyd, giving him tracts, and we lifted up the Lord to him, but with no success.

My little 12-year-old niece was visiting us and I told her about Lloyd. She wanted to see him. So on our next trip to see Lloyd, she joined us. When Lloyd saw her, he brightened up and thoroughly enjoyed her telling him about Jesus. She was beautiful, and a delight.

Fred and I went again, but Lloyd was too sick to see us. A day or so later he died. Both Fred and I felt like failures. But last night, Margaret told me that just before Lloyd died, he called out the name of Jesus, three times, and passed on. I got tears in my eyes!

I believe my little niece was used by God to save Lloyd`s soul.

Old folks love to see and talk to young people. You may face the same problem someday. If you have a young person who loves Jesus, encourage them to witness to some old soul. It just might work.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick