Message From Jack Chick May/June 2015

Dear ones in Christ,

My heart goes out to the billion precious Roman Catholics trapped in the jaws of the great whore found in Revelation, chapter 17.

They are terrified of leaving this religious monster that controls them from birth to death. They are caught in a web of religious traditions never mentioned in scripture. They are now in the hands of a very dangerous Jesuit as their new pope, who believes he is God on this earth —and the Roman Catholics believe it, too.

If a Catholic person gets saved and makes Jesus Christ his personal Saviour, the whore condemns him for the sin of presumption, a Council-of-Trent law. Most go crawling back into the arms of the monster. In the 1950s, you couldn`t find a Catholic claiming to be a "Christian," it was always, "I`ll die a Roman Catholic." Now, all of them claim to be "Christians" since the Vatican council of the 1960s —a new face!

Can they be reached with our gospel tracts? You bet they can. I received a letter from a tract-passing U.S. soldier stationed in Germany. During bad weather some cars and trucks were involved in a terrific crash. He arrived at the scene and began passing out tracts to those stuck in traffic. He came to a car that had three nuns and handed each a copy of Are Roman Catholics Christians? and went on his way.

His home was in Germany and when discharged he reenlisted. A few years later, at a big tennis tournament, two excited ladies approached him saying, "Remember us?" He said, "I am sorry, I don`t."

They replied, "We were the three nuns you gave Are Roman Catholics Christians? to at the big accident. We read the tracts and all three of us got saved!!! We left the Roman Catholic Church and are passing out tracts, too!"

Beloved, they work! Many ex-Roman Catholics in heaven will bless you for telling them the Truth.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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