Message From Jack Chick - Nov-2010

Dear Ones in Christ,

Years ago, when I worked as a tech illustrator in an aerospace company, we had a custom that, if it was your birthday, you had to go to the vending machine that was stacked with candy bars. There were two prices, 5 cents and 10 cents, (sounds ridiculous today). We would buy half 5 cent bars and half 10 cent bars.

When my birthday came, I bought 21 candy bars for my department. I handed them out, giving people a choice and were my eyes opened to greed like I couldn`t believe. All the 10 cent bars vanished first, leaving the 5 cent ones. Only two were gracious enough to take the cheaper ones. I found out who were the opportunists.

Another way to find out is when someone in the family, who was running the show, dies. Watch the relatives scramble for goodies, usually causing hard feelings for years and some will never speak to each other the rest of their lives.

Well, to hit this subject pretty hard, our new tract is called Love That Money! It`s funny but it`s also tragic. Greed can keep us from spending time with God`s word and in prayer. It can blind us to the lost people around us going to hell. It can destroy precious family relationships.

It can leave us very embarrassed at the judgment seat of Christ when the good and bad things in our lives are played back or even damn our souls. God loves a cheerful giver. Greed is sinful.

Read Love That Money! and see how Mr. Bronson`s life ends up. Wow! Don`t let that happen to any of your relatives. Make sure they get a copy.

God bless you,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.