Message From Jack Chick September/October 2014

Dear ones in Christ,

Want to hear a great outreach idea? A family walks into a family restaurant and there`s a little rack sitting on the counter with a sign on it saying "free take one." So dad takes one, so does mom, and the kids take a few. Now, the long wait at the table for dinner takes place and the family reads the gospel tracts until the plates come.... "Hey dad, that was fun! Let`s come here next week," and sure enough that little rack is filled again with more tracts, so they`re hooked and become regulars —to eat, read tracts. The restaurant is happy, so are the customers and everyone gets the gospel!

My friend, Dale, put out little racks in lots of businesses, and his church supplied the tracts. I almost fainted when I found out that over 800,000 tracts went out in five counties winning souls. He told us that it was rare to find anyone in the area who had not read at least one Chick tract.

What a great idea. Just ask permission to put a tract rack in a business, keep refilling those racks and you`ve got your own ministry. If you`re afraid to pass out a tract, let the little rack do that for you! Believe me, you`ll be thrilled with the results, and the Lord will give you a soul winner`s crown.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack Chick

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