Mission Report May 2024

Oaxaca, Mexico - People from many ministries helped unload the last truck.

Oaxaca, Mexico - People from many ministries helped unload the last truck.


Joe and Amy Hendrigsman are in their 8th year as church planting missionaries to Oaxaca, México. God has allowed Joe and Amy to plant the Grace Baptist Church in the town of Santa Maria Huatulco and start two mission churches in neighboring towns.

God has allowed the Hendrigsmans to start a Christian School to help teach and disciple the kids from their church and community.

Utilizing Amy's nursing skills, Joe and Amy hold several medical brigades each year to open doors to the Gospel and assist in starting new works and strengthening young churches. Through these brigades and many other short-term mission teams, they have been able to evangelize many villages in the mountain regions of Southern Oaxaca. They recently saw over 500 people saved in two of these medical brigades.

In February of 2018, the first trailer load of Scripture arrived in Oaxaca and the Mission of Grace Bible distribution center was opened. Since its inception, the distribution center has received 19 trailer loads of Scripture containing 33 million pieces of literature that has been distributed all over Mexico, into Central America and as far away at Venezuela. They were thrilled to have received one million Chick Tracts in 2023 as those tracts have been used in many outreaches, medical brigades, daily soul winning and new church plants.

On the day the trailer arrived with the tracts, about 30 different ministries were waiting to help unload. The pastors were shouting with joy as they opened the trailer doors. The Chick tracts have gone to the neighboring states of Chiapas, Vera Cruz, and Puebla.

Newest request: 1.5 million Chick Tracts for 2024 as there is a great need still for the Gospel in Mexico and Central America.

These tracts will be used in various projects:

  • 7 Soul winner training conferences in the state of Tabasco.
  • A mass evangelization project to cover the whole state of Puebla.
  • A new church plant in Bahias de Huatulco.
  • Mass evangelism in the jungle region of Chiapas.
  • Many other evangelistic outreaches throughout Oaxaca and Southern Mexico.

They receive calls almost daily requesting tracts and Bibles from all over Mexico. Will you help?

Note: The large quantities for this project will save on production, driving the cost down to only 7 cents per tract! Plus, Grace Transport will ship them FREE to Oaxaca, more than 1,600 miles south into Mexico. This is a great opportunity to make our missions dollars stretch! As of this writing, we have received approx. 1/2 of the $104,000 needed to meet this need. [Update: As of May 8th 2024, only $14,000 remains to complete this project. Thank you for giving!]


Missionary Jim Voltenberg writes: "I am a missionary in Scotland and I have a street ministry in Dundee where we give out between six and eight hundred tracts every week. We also do street ministry on Saturdays twice a month in other towns in my twenty-mile radius of responsibility, not to mention two other guys I am directly working with. They and other missionaries are very excited about this great opportunity. We are all small works and without the help you are providing we would never be able to afford to use this quality of gospel literature. I personally would like to thank everyone involved in helping with this and future projects."

He has requested 70,000 Chick tracts to share among these missionaries. It's hard to believe the spiritual darkness that has taken hold in the U.K. since the birth of our English Bible. They need our help!

The Voltenbergs - Missionaries to Scotland

The Voltenbergs - Missionaries to Scotland


The shipment of 200,000 Chick tracts finally reached Missionary Scott Sumner! Steamship delays, and customs delays made this take longer than it should, but they have finally arrived! They are already being used on the streets.

Honduras tract outreach


As of this writing, the container with 2.6 million Chick tracts has arrived in the Port of Manila and the container is being broken down into more than 200 shipments to ministries all over this island nation. Thanks to your help, millions of Chick tracts are flooding this nation and making a huge impact! Already, we are receiving requests for more. We hope to ship another container later this year.

High schoolers in the Philippines reading Chick tracts

High schoolers in the Philippines reading Chick tracts

Paris (Olympics)

A pallet of Chick tracts in French plus 18 other languages will be used with the many people coming to the Summer Olympics. Some will come from countries where we cannot send the Gospel, but they can take it home!

Paris Olympics

Trinidad and Tobago

New missionaries Josiah and Ruth Ann Goddard are preparing to leave for Trinidad and Tobago. Their container of supplies is scheduled to leave May 14th. Thanks to your giving, it contains 55,000 Chick tracts for the Goddards and several Trinidad churches they are working with. Watch these reports for further news!

The Goddards - Missionaries to Trinidad and Tobago

The Goddards - Missionaries to Trinidad and Tobago