Muhammad had a 9-year-old Wife?

While many Muslim practices grate the nerves of Westerners, the committing of pre-teen girls to older men as brides seems especially revolting. More "advanced" Muslim countries claim to discourage the practice. Yet it is common even in Saudi Arabia.

News agencies recently told of a Saudi 12-year-old who managed to obtain a divorce from her 80-year-old husband. The case sparked a campaign to raise the marriageable age to 16, but Muslim leaders point out that Muhammad consummated a "marriage" to a 9-year-old while married to several other women.

In Yemen, another 12-year-old recently bled to death after 3 days in labor trying to deliver a stillborn. She had been forced by her family to marry a 24-year-old who paid a large dowry to her parents.

Muhammad limited his followers to four wives, but obtained approval from Allah for at least 20 for himself. In addition, he was known to pick and choose among captured slave women. One of his favorite wives was Aisha, whom he chose in marriage at age six and bedded when she was nine.

Some have claimed that this was pedophilia but Mohammad Al Ghazoli, in his book, Christ, Muhammad and I, quotes the Qur'an and other Islamic literature indicating that he was simply disposed to satisfy his sexual lust wherever there was an opportunity. Some of his "marriages" were simply sexual encounters without benefit of ceremony.

Islam's view and treatment of women today reflects the 7th century tribal customs where Islam was born. Like most pagan-based religions, Islam is highly sexualized. Women are "owned" by a husband or other dominant males in the family and allowed only limited liberties. Severe punishment is exacted for even casual contact with other men.

Yet the Muslim male has almost total freedom, sexually. Besides allowing up to four wives, some sects allow temporary contractual marriages called Mutah. The "contract" can be for as little as a few hours and provides for a "dowry" given to the woman by the man. After the contract expires, both are free to go on their way, no ceremony or divorce proceedings needed. 

Certain moral standards are prescribed for relations with Muslim women, but no such restrictions apply to infidels. Even today, sexual conquest is part of the spoils of war wherever Muslims are fighting for control of a country or region. Unbelievers are to be killed or converted and attackers are free to rape the women at will before they are killed or enslaved.

Muhammad's world consisted primarily of robbery and sex. All women were slaves at one level or another. Wives were the highest level with captured women serving as direct sex slaves and/or household servants. Since Muhammad's life style forms the example for all Muslims, men obsessed with sex and conquest are the ideal disciples. And what does the man get, who achieves "martyrdom" by sacrificing his life to destroy infidels? Immediate entry into paradise where his sexual strength is unlimited and a minimum of 72 perpetual virgins are at his continual disposal.

Ghazoli's book, and Who is this Allah? by G.J.O. Moshay, describe in detail the lifestyle of Muhammad and his teachings in the Qur'an. They will be a great help to the soul winner who wishes to be well informed on the beliefs of the Muslims he is witnessing to.

The new tract, Is Allah Like You? shows clearly the Muslim treatment of women, the contrast between the Bible and the Qur'an, and the difference between Jehovah and Allah. The tract is built around a gripping story that will hold the reader until it delivers these messages along with the gospel.

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