Muslim Leaders Challenge Christians to Work for 'Peace'

Issue Date: January/February 2008

The "Clash of Civilizations" continues with much jockeying between the militancy of Islam and Western-World tolerance. In a major development, 138 leaders from the five largest Islamic denominations have signed a document declaring a desire to work together with the pope and other western "Christians" toward peace in the world. 

Mainline denominational and "evangelical" leaders are pondering a response. The letter states that, since Christians and Muslims worship the same God, and make up one-half of the population of the world, we need to work together for peace.  Unfortunately, most of Christianity is taking the bait. Those who know Islam`s determination to rule the world realize that any such "peace" will be on Islam`s terms: conversion or submission to Islam`s moon god, Allah.

Islam`s deception reaches to some very high circles.  American Catholic leaders have met with American Muslims and issued a letter stating: "Our common belief in the one God of mercy and love calls us into relationship with one another."

President Bush has said on a recent interview that he believes that he and the Muslims both pray to the same God.  Earlier, the pope voiced the same belief. (See World Magazine Archives at

All this high level "dialog" may be useful. But, on the ground, the murderous spirit of Islam is still beheading Christians and burning churches. And "coalition forces" (mostly American) are desperately trying to keep Muslims from killing other Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq while avoiding being killed themselves.

In Africa, a British teacher allows a student to name a teddy bear "Muhammad" and mobs demand she die.  The (Muslim) Sharia-based government sentenced her to jail time and a public flogging.  Only after an international outcry was she allowed to escape the country unharmed.

In Saudi Arabia, a 19-year-old girl "indiscreetly" appeared in public with a male friend who was not a relative.  This prompted a group of thugs to kidnap and gang-rape her.  Saudi justice sentenced her to jail time and 200 lashes for her indiscretion.  Again, the injustice got into the world media and the publicity forced the Saudi King to pardon her. The thugs got a slap on the wrist and will soon be free to do it again, knowing that the next girl will be more cautious in reporting their crime. In Islam, the men can do what they want and the women have to suffer in silence. This is a good way to cut the number of reported rapes.

The Spirit behind Islam is a murderous spirit.  It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to figure out who that spirit is.  Any peace you make with the devil will always be on his terms.

Anyone who is considering accepting the Muslim offer of "peaceful coexistence" needs to read two books recently published by Chick Publications.  Christ, Muhammad and I, by Mohammad Ghazoli is written by a man who spent most of his life under the baffling shadow of Islam.  He was well educated and wrote hundreds of articles and many books in Arabic on economics and business.  He was well known and respected in high government circles; at one point he was an advisor to Libyan leader, Moammar Gadhafi. 

Late in life, someone put a Bible in his hands and said, "Read!"  He did and found the loving Creator that he had longed for all of his life.  His book details Muhammad`s violent and perverse nature and the chaotic and baffling Qur`an that he wrote.

For the Christian who wants more information to witness to Muslims, Christ, Muhammad and I will fill in the blanks.  For the Muslim disillusioned by his life in Islam, it will graciously open his eyes and guide him to the loving Savior.

The other book is Anatomy of the Qur`an by G.J.O. Moshay.  He evaluates the Qur`an and then compares it to the Bible. He demonstrates how the Qur`an provides no assurance of salvation, laying the groundwork for leading the Muslim to eternal life in Christ.

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