Muslims Demanding That Holland Abandon Freedom of Speech

Further evidence of Europe's decadence is found in a Dutch court where a legislator elected by the people is being tried for intolerance.

Geert Wilders is head of a rapidly growing party of citizens deeply concerned over the invasion of Islam in Europe. In spite of multiple death threats, Wilders has boldly exposed the Muslim agenda of infiltration and takeover of the nation. His party now holds 24 of the 150 seats in the Dutch Parliament.

In 2009, the Parliament modified a law providing fines and prison time for anyone "who publicly, verbally or in writing or image, deliberately expresses himself in anyway insulting of a group of people because of their race, their religion or belief." With this bold stroke they capitulated to the demands of their increasingly powerful Muslim population and cancelled freedom of speech in that country.

If Wilders is convicted, others in Europe and America worry that it will chill free speech in the rest of the Western World. Even if other countries do not have such laws, they do have an increasingly belligerent Muslim population and many will become reluctant to speak out.

Others sounding the alarm about the Islamization of the West have also not fared well. In 2004, Theo Van Gogh, producer of a video criticizing Islam, had his throat slit by a radical Muslim who was obeying orders (fatwa) from Islamic leadership to take him out. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an associate of Van Gogh and former Dutch parliamentarian had to flee to America to avoid a similar fate. Wilders is also believed to be on an international Islamic "death list."

The Muslim population in Europe is causing cultural upheaval and legal maneuvering all across the area. France recently outlawed the wearing of burqas in public. Belgium is voting on such a law. Last year, 60% of the Swiss voted to ban all minarets on mosques in the country.

In every country, a growing number of people are becoming concerned about Islam's stated goal of making, not just Europe, but the whole world subject to Allah.

Because the Muslims in some of the countries have reached 20 percent or more of the population, they are gaining political clout and demanding adherence to the Sharia, Islam's Qur'an-based system of tyranny and pagan customs.

Thus they are on track toward their stated goal of installing this 7th century tribal code of living upon the whole world.

Where they lack the power to install it by force, they are using infiltration of our "multicultural" societies to gain control.

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