New Churches Continue Springing Up From Tract Saturation

Missionaries Kyle and Annie Sheridan went to Patagonia, Chile about three years ago to pioneer a church-planting work there. Using thousands of tracts, they "hit the streets" of the small town of Coyhaique and soon had enough interest to start a church. They now have about 40 in regular attendance and make frequent trips to the nearby river to baptize new converts after the Sunday services.

Besides regular discipleship and leadership training, Kyle is volunteer chaplain at a local school where he was allowed to present the gospel at an inauguration event. A Local TV station televised the event and broadcast his sermon. Kyle writes that: "During the week of Easter, the school sent all of their students (200+) to our building to hear the salvation message in a church service setting. Some of the kids began coming to Sunday school after that visit and haven`t stopped coming. Several teachers are now regularly attending."

Many similar reports come to Chick Publications of tract saturation efforts on the mission fields that lead to new churches. As soon as leadership is trained, the strategy is repeated in adjacent communities.

Missionary Bob Criss writes from the Philippines: "A few months back you sent me 10,000 each of two tracts. Am very happy to report to you that they have all been passed out to sinners!

"When the tracting commenced we were more than 25 preachers and 6 or 8 women from all parts of the Philippines. We all converged on Tacloban City and tracked the place for two consecutive days! One eve, we were about 20 working both sides of one of the main streets in the downtown area, we set up right in front of Divine Word University (Roman Catholic). We passed out more than 7000 tracts in about 2 hours!"

Another missionary (who prefers anonymity because of local Roman Catholic hostility) writes from Mexico: "I can`t begin to tell you how fruitful the last batch of Chick tracts was here in this rural area of Old Mexico. My mission team and myself have planted 4 churches in very remote areas of Mexico in the last 4 years. The people are mostly Native Americans, and while they do have their own language dialect, they mostly speak Spanish. "Consequently, the literature that we had available was the complete Bible, plus John and Romans in Spanish that churches in the states supply us with. While the content of this literature is excellent, it is way over the heads of most of these people. These precious folks have very low reading skills to say the least.

"When Chick tracts became available, it revolutionized our evangelism tactics. The little Chick Tract, Un Camino! (One Way!) completely changed our evangelistic approach, and the results have been nothing less than phenomenal. Un Camino! (One Way!), coupled with the tract Esta Fue Tu Vida! (This Was Your Life!), are the most powerful witnessing tools that I have ever used in my 40 years as a missionary.

"We planted the church here after Chick tracts became available, and the growth of the congregation is outpacing our ability to accommodate the surge. There is no doubt in my mind it is due to the Chick tracts that we use here. The Chick tract combination that I just mentioned, projects the simplicity of the Gospel like the Apostle Paul admonished us to preach it, and the results are fantastic.

We are getting ready to open up another mission church down on the water front in a local seaport, and Chick tracts are going to be our main evangelism tool."

Many Christians want to provide Chick tracts to missionaries. We can help!

We maintain an account called: "The Chick Mission Fund."

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At press time (July 2015), Missionary Bill Eubanks is preparing to begin a new season of ministry in the schools of Zimbabwe with 200,000 Chick tracts. When January rains make the roads impassable in Zimbabwe, Bill will then join waiting teams in two South African cities, beginning an outreach with another 240,000 tracts.

100% of the fund you send to the Chick Mission Fund are used to ship literature to missionaries.

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