New Pope Pushing for Mother of the World

Issue Date: November/December 2007

The new pope continues the tradition of pushing the RC Virgin Mary goddess as the unifying force in the world. In September he toured several of the Marian shrines in Europe, speaking of "the significance of the Mother of God." "In her maternal love, Mary continues to take under her protection people of all languages and cultures, and to lead them together, within a multiform unity, to Christ. In our problems and needs we can turn to Mary," he said. In this statement we see how the Mary goddess is positioned between man and Christ. Instead of trusting Christ alone, the people are encouraged to trust Mary instead. We also see how Mary is moving to bring "all languages and cultures" together.

How is she doing this? Through special visions called "apparitions," according to the book Queen of All by Jim Tetlow, Roger Oakland and Brad Myers. "She appears as a living, breathing, three dimensional lady enveloped in exquisite light," according to the visionaries and seers that see her. Through these, she speaks her messages to the world.

"A consistent message given by the thousands of apparitions currently manifesting worldwide is one of peace, unity, and tolerance," writes Tetlow. He describes in detail the messages and circumstances of some of the more famous appearances such as Fatima, Medjugorje and Lourdes, and mentions many others. Using quotations, he describes how the "lady in light" invites worship, encourages praying the rosary and other Roman Catholic rituals, and speaks repeatedly of world peace through unity of all religions.

Queen of All includes chapters showing that this "Queen" is not just a Roman Catholic phenomenon, but apparitions of her are occurring in countries dominated by other religions as well. A similar goddess is prominent in Islam and the major eastern religions. To further connect the dots, David W. Daniels describes the evolution of goddess worship from Semiramis in early Babylon to the present universal veneration in every major (and most minor) religions. His book, Babylon Religion, shows how Semiramis becomes Ashtoreth, who became Isis in Egypt, who became the Roman Venus, and the Greek Aphrodite, and on to the Virgin Mary of Roman Catholicism. Even stories and the symbols of the Aztec goddess of magic, Tlazolteotl, are similiar to those of the witches and goddesses in Europe.

Solomon concluded in the book of Ecclesiastes that there was nothing new under the sun. Daniels and Tetlow show that this modern "Lady of Light" who claims to be the Virgin Mary of the Bible, is nothing more than a demonic impostor who has been busy fooling mankind for thousands of years.

As Bible believers, we need to expose this "strong delusion." We need to seed our communities with tracts like Why is Mary Crying, Last Rites, Death Cookie, and Are Roman Catholics Christians? These will open the eyes of those who are trapped in bondage to the pope. They will also help to warn others who might be stopping to listen to the seductions of this prostitute "church." And for anyone who expresses an interest in learning more, be sure they get the books by Daniels and Tetlow.


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