No Place for 'Fundamentalists' in Pope's 'Brave New World'

So, as the prophesied one-world religion (and government) emerges, who are the bad guys opposing this wonderful "unity?" We see a hint in the pope`s comment about Islam`s problem: "Faced with disconcerting episodes of violent fundamentalism, our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalizations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Qur`an are opposed to every form of violence."

Here, the pope is echoing the sentiment of the western political world that it is just some fringe extremists that are to blame for Islam`s meanness. And the operative word here is "fundamentalism." How interesting that the evangelical world is increasingly frowning at Christian "fundamentalists." In the pope`s view, only fundamentalist Muslims are bad. "Authentic Islam" is really nice if you properly read the Qur`an. Of course, Christian "fundamentalists" also fail to properly read the Bible, according to the pope`s interpretation of it. But, never fear, the modern bibles are slowly coming around to the Pope`s interpretation.

So, who are these "fundamentalists?" It all comes back to a book. For Muslims, it`s the Qur`an. For Christians, it is the Bible. By definition, a fundamentalist adheres strictly to the "fundamentals," relying on a literal interpretation of their book. In Islam, when it says all infidels must either be converted, enslaved or executed, the fundamentalist mounts a jihad attack.

In fact, it is difficult to find any place on earth where the pope`s "authentic Islam" is practiced. Violence is pervasive in any nation where Islam dominates.

A Bible fundamentalist refuses to genuflect when his Book says not to bow to idols. And he insists on using a book that literally translates what God originally said. This makes the fundamentalists, both Muslim and Christian, the bad guys spoiling the pope`s "unity" dream.

The fundamentalists are being given another label: ideological Christians. In a recent homily, Pope Francis railed against "ideological Christians who have become so rigid that they have lost their faith." One must understand how Catholicism has twisted terms. To "lose the faith," is to abandon trust in the pope, not in Jesus. Ideology is defined by Webster as "a set of ideas and beliefs." Thus, everyone has an ideology. If someone declares an ideology to be bad, then it must just be one that he disagrees with.

So it really comes down to anyone who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible. They are the only ones who are likely to stand up against the pope`s drive for unity. Why is Luther`s protest over? If the Bible hasn`t changed since Luther, and if the basic pagan Roman Catholic teachings of the perpetual re-sacrificing of Jesus as a wafer god, and the advocacy of the Virgin Mary goddess haven`t changed, why has the drive for unity been so successful?

Two major factors appear: 1) The Vatican II public relations campaign to position Catholicism as just another church denomination, and 2) moving the Bible text toward more Catholic-friendly versions and ultimately one that all religions could accept.

Chick has many publications that document Rome`s new smiley face masking her unchanging paganism. Daniels` new book, Why They Changed the Bible, traces how she set out to change the Bible to agree with her pagan "ideologies." The boldness of this pope shows how close Rome is to the goal of "unity" at any cost.

Satan sees that his time is short and he is ramping up attacks on true believers worldwide. Our freedom to get the true gospel out is rapidly draining away. We are fast approaching the time when "they shall deceive the very elect," (Matt. 24:24). Beware that you don`t give up the "fundamentals."

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