Now Available: A Friendly New Tool to Reach Catholics

In its effort to gain influence and control over the world, Rome has created a danger for Catholicism.

Catholics want to know more about these strange, "separated brethren" that their church is trying to unite with.

Thomas Heinze, American missionary in Italy for over thirty years, saw this curiosity about Protestants as a unique opportunity for evangelism.

In his book, Answers To My Catholic Friends," Heinze takes advantage of this growing curiosity to deliver a loving, anointed gospel message that Catholics cannot fail to understand.

Always careful to be confrontive without being combative, Heinze shows how Protestants are different than Catholics, and systematically presents the biblical reasons why.

Originally published in Italian, the book has been a best-seller in Italy, and is now available in English.

The flavor and style of the book is best shown by the following excerpt, in which Heinze shares the following observation with his Catholic reader:

"In Italy, when a pope dies, great posters are plastered on the walls of the cities calling the people to pray for his soul because the church believes that he is suffering in purgatory.

"Roman Catholicism, very frankly, cannot save even its own popes. If you are trusting in that system for your salvation, you should fervently hope for one of two things:

...That the Bible is wrong about how one is saved.

...That you are a better Catholic than the popes.

"Let's face the truth: The Bible is not wrong, and you probably are not a better Catholic than the popes. The wonderfully good news is that God offers salvation in His Son for sinners that have not earned it."

Over and over, Heinze brings his Catholic reader face to face with Bible truth, and the salvation by faith that they have been taught is too simple to be true.

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