Parents, Do You Know What's Happening in School?

Some call it culture war. Others call it civil rights. Whatever the label, a battle for the next generation is insidiously being waged inside our public schools. And so far, parents are asleep, teachers are bullied into silence and administrators are fearful for their jobs. But thankfully, some are beginning to wake up.

In Northern Virginia, two parents discovered a link on their public-school website about a meeting coming up to discuss transgender, nongender-conforming student policy. When they attended, they found that they were included only as observers, not allowed to join the working meeting. One of the parents, Maria Keffler, said they were appalled by what they heard.

The policies discussed were to counter discrimination, but the attitude of the meeting was that parents were a threat and the kids who come out as gay or transgender need to be shielded from the parents if they did not want their parents to know. This was far more than protection from discrimination.

In fact, the principal at the school attended by Keffler’s 5th grader stated that the elementary school principals “are working hard to get transgender materials into the libraries and into the classrooms.”

Three days after the meeting, one elementary school invited a transgender activist to do a reading of the storybook “I Am Jazz” about a boy who transitioned to being a girl, medically and surgically. It is geared for kids ages 4 and up.

The activist read the book to two classes of kindergartners. A letter was sent to the parents a few days before the reading celebrating this great event and the excitement about these special speakers coming in. The word “transgender” appeared only once, buried in the middle of a paragraph.

Keffler has organized a group of 80 to 100 parents to counter this effort to groom school children for a life of perversion. They have targeted the policies of parents’ rights and girls’ protections and have been met with accusations of being a hate group, homophobes, bigots and “religious zealots.”

Keffler talked with a teacher who is broken hearted. He said that when he sees kids in his class who are confused about their gender (gender dysphoria), “It breaks my heart, but I’m afraid to say anything because if I don’t affirm it, I can lose my job. I could be the next teacher on the news that’s being sued for not affirming it.”

Homosexual activists have stated that Northern Virginia and California are “laboratories” for developing the best policies to promote gender confusion in the school systems. Fortunately, parents are waking up to this attack on the innocence of their children. They are banding together to expose this devilish plot.

In past generations, parents could assume that the schools were on their side of the war for the souls of their kids. That is no longer the case. Satan has recruited very smart and wealthy soldiers on his side of the battle.

So far, the Christians have come to this sword fight with a butter knife. That must change or the next generation is doomed to pursuing the lies promoted by the homosexual activists.

We must say to that generation: Truly satisfying sexual pleasure is only available between a man and a woman in a lifetime commitment of marriage. Anything else is disappointing, dangerous and dirty.

More parents like Keffler must stand up to these bullies and rally other parents against this permanent damage to the innocence of our children. But our counterattack needs to be by the spirit. Satan’s lies must be countered with the truth. Over the last 50 years, nearly one billion Chick tracts have been used for that very purpose.

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