Persecution Against Christians Rising Worldwide

Many end-time prophecies are falling into place with the rapidly changing world events. One is that the night is coming when no man can work. One writer estimates that "Christians are facing some sort of harassments in two-thirds of all countries."

These "harassments" range from verbal abuse to burned churches (sometimes with Christians inside), to imprisonment or death.

As a block, the countries dominated by Islam are the worst. Even the "moderate" Muslim nations have for years built a wall against entry of the gospel. Saudi Arabia is a classic example with not a single church building in the whole country.

The turmoil in the Middle East is not helping the Christians there. Persecution is rising and believers are fleeing their homelands to try to find safety in other countries. But many have nowhere to go  and no way to get out.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan that are supposedly friendly to the U.S. are not tolerant to those who convert to Christ. Ministries that work in Muslim countries claim that there are thousands, even possibly millions, of believers there. Yet they are impossible to count because they must hide their faith or be expelled from their families and society. In some cases they are killed, often by their own relatives. One example is a father, Maher El-Gohary and his daughter, Dina. For years after his conversion to Christ, Maher kept a low profile.

But when his daughter was required to attend classes on Islam, he filed suit against the government to be allowed to list "Christian" on their ID cards so she could opt out of the Muslim classes. Word of his suit caused outrage in the country that is 80 percent Muslim.

Maher had to go into hiding, moving to a different location every month. He petitioned the government to allow him to travel outside the country and was given the runaround for over 2 years until the recent change in government.

In the turmoil, he managed to obtain permission for them to fly to Syria where they believed they would be able to obtain a visa to enter the US.

Again, in spite of their well-known case, the US embassy is delaying their application leaving them penniless and languishing. They worry that they have moved from being prisoners in their own country to being refugees in another. As Maher found out, under the current government, the United States no longer lives up to its reputation of being a refuge for the "huddled masses" even if, or especially if, they are Christian.

Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, states that, under the current president, Islam is becoming a favored religion in the U.S.

He told Newsmax, "The Muslim Brotherhood is very strong and active here in our country. We have these people advising our military and State Department."
Coupled with the assault on Christians by the sodomites, if Islam gets significant power in the US, the last haven of religious freedom is in jeopardy. As we see the clouds gathering, we must consider more carefully our witnessing strategy in these last days.

Missionaries have discovered what old-time revivalists like Finney, Spurgeon and the Wesleys knew, that saturation of a community with no-nonsense gospel literature is a prerequisite for revival.

Believers with the resources are sending tracts by the hundreds of thousands into places like Mexico and the Philippines. They understand that any surplus left in banks in America on judgment day will reflect on their stewardship.

This saturation tactic also works well anywhere unbelievers dominate, even in "post-Christian" America.

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