'Potter Books are Pagan Discipleship' Says Author

Harry Potter, sorcery's modern Pied Piper, is at it again. In J. K. Rowling's Potter book number 5, Harry has grown up a bit and the sorcery gets deeper, according to Caryl Matrisciana, producer of "Harry Potter, Witchcraft Repackaged."

The video points out that this is the first time that sorcery has been presented to children in a children's world, in a children's format. For over 20 years, charming TV sitcoms have glorified witchcraft, setting the stage for the hugely popular Potter books. Rowling has sold nearly 200 million copies of the Potter series in over 50 languages.

Matrisciana told WorldNetDaily, "My greatest concern is that the godly fear that protects mankind from dabbling in the spirit world is being taken away from children who read these Harry Potter books. The terrors and horrors of black magic and occult practice, rituals, ceremonies and demon possession are being normalized.

"Alarmingly, the Potter books are engaging in pagan discipleship, disciplining our children to spiritual alternatives and also turning them away from the biblical principles and God's protection."

The video has been re-released in DVD format, updated with an additional hour of current interviews by Matrisciana and others.

In one of the interviews, she illustrates how Potter is playing on mankind's desire for power: "At a time of terrorism, dysfunctional families, and chaos in the world, Harry Potter comes along teaching children that they don't have to be fearful.

"The very spirit of the book is teaching young children to be in rebellion of the rules, be in rebellion of authority, that they can have these powers themselves, that they don't have to be fearful, particularly at a time when many are coming from dysfunctional families, broken homes, the tragedy of September 11 and the chaos in the world. Children are being conditioned that they can look for power within themselves and start bringing some control into the things round about them by tapping into their own powers just like Harry does."

This was Satan's original temptation of Eve: that she could have God's power and knowledge. This is the central motivation for all sorcery, to cast spells to manipulate others for your own purposes. And Satan's demons are busy today pushing the same old lie.

The public schools have heartily embraced Potter. The American publisher of the series, Scholastic, is also a major supplier of public school curriculum materials. With Potter teaching sorcery to the children, their guard is down when they get to college where almost every campus sports an occultic coven waiting for them.

Former satanist, William Schnoebelen, in his book, Lucifer Dethroned, describes his experience in the occult. His testimony explains that sorcery is nothing to mess around with.

This subtle attack on our children has fooled even some Christian parents who see no difference between Harry Potter books and other children's "fantasy" literature such as Cinderella and the Wizard of Oz.

Bible believers must discern the subtle ways Satan is captivating this generation. Matrisciana and Schnoebelen have provided excellent, comprehensive information so that no one needs to be deceived.