Pressure Building on SBC Leaders Who Signed "No Soulwinning" Pact with Rome

Widespread pressure from Southern Baptist members persuaded two SBC leaders to remove their names from the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document, but stated that their attitude toward the subject remained the same.

Richard Land and Larry Lewis of the Home Mission Board declared in a joint statement that: "We are not personally rejecting the intent of the document, nor are we agreeing with unjust criticism of it."

The agreement not to proselytize each other's members was signed last year by major Evangelical and Roman Catholic leaders.

It has since drawn much criticism from Bible believers who know that Roman Catholic teaching on salvation is not biblical. Especially vocal within the SBC were Hispanic leaders who are very familiar with the unscriptural teachings and idolatrous practices of the Roman Catholic institution throughout Latin America.

Even though Land and Lewis did the politically correct thing, they missed the main point: the question of salvation. Apparently they still agree in their hearts that Roman Catholics do not need to be evangelized. They agree with Billy Graham in teaching that Roman Catholics are only another Christian denomination with a different "tradition."

Many Evangelical leaders are rushing to join the "Evangelization 2000" movement to present a largely Christian world to Christ on His 2000th birthday. But can a true Bible believer join such an effort which preaches more than one gospel?

Bible believers know only one gospel: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." Roman Catholicism preaches an entirely different way to heaven.

Dave Hunt puts it succinctly on page 362 of "A Woman Rides the Beast": "Paul didn't tell the desperate jailer: Believe on Christ and that will get you started on a long road of good deeds, church membership, sacraments, prayers to saints, etc. If you stick with it, eventually, after excruciating suffering in the flames of purgatory and if enough Masses and Rosaries are said for you, heaven's gates will at last open."

This is far from the "good news" which Christ gave us. He taught that there are only two classes of people, the saved and the lost, believers and unbelievers. And Paul clearly instructed us in 2 Corinthians 6:14: "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?"

Can Land and Lewis be sincere when they want to be yoked with those who teach that Jesus is a wafer, that the goddess Virgin Mary is the de facto mediator, that the Pope is Christ's vice president (vicar) on earth and that membership in the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation?

SBC members should not be duped by this standard Jesuit maneuver. For 500 years the Vatican power brokers have used the same tactic: go for the leaders and the sheep will follow.

Soul winners cannot follow any leaders who sign away their right to win the lost, particularly those who are deceived into thinking that they are Christians. Their blood will be on our hands if we do not warn them.

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