Professor Gets Threats for Study Showing Homosexuals Can Change

A Columbia professor of psychiatry has released a study showing that "contrary to conventional wisdom some (homosexuals) ... can and do change (sexual orientation)." The violence of the reaction from sodomite activists has Dr. Robert Spitzer concerned for the safety of his family.

And Spitzer cannot be accused of being on the Bible believers side. He was behind the decision in 1973 by the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from its diagnostic manual of mental disorders. He is also a "self-professed atheistic Jew."

The reaction typifies how the sodomite activists are not interested in scientific facts, only their aggressive agenda to cram their sin down the throat of the American culture.

One of the emails sent to Dr. Spitzer came from his own university. James Minter, Columbia's Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission wrote: "You are an embarrassment to the University and a disgrace to science. Your 'findings' are, in a word, despicable. If you are in need of a gay-related topic on which to do some constructive research, why not address the pathological homophobia of the bigots and reactionaries who will embrace your latest pronouncements?"

In other words, "Don't bother with the facts, just get off my back!"

Such a rabid attack on one of their own academic professionals shows that the only aim of the sodomite political agenda is to gain full acceptance of their sin.

Many state and federal legislators are being pressured to give legal status to sodomite marriages so that they can raise children and have family benefits.

Bible believers must continue to stand against this sin by contacting congressmen, pointing out God's opinion on this behavior. They must know that we support them in resisting this evil.

Then, as soul winners, we must reach out with the same compassion we have for sinners caught in all types of sin. One pastor, when approached by a homosexual who declared that he was "born that way" replied, "Yes, I was also born with a sinful nature. You choose to play out your sin in homosexual activity and I chose drugs and alcohol. But Christ saved me from my sin and he can save you, too." He went on to lead the man to accept Jesus.

God's view of homosexuality.