'Seasoned' Soul Winners: We've Got to Pass It On

As this generation of soul winners moves on, it is critical that the next generation is inspired (and trained) in witnessing. Sandy T. of Hawaii is a great grandmother who is doing it right. She is a 20-year veteran of using Chick tracts in her ministry. "Here in Hilo, my husband preaches on the street every Saturday morning and I distribute tracts. He is 78 and I will soon be 66," she writes.

She also believes that her family members may be the youngest in the tract ministry. "My great grandchildren, ages 5 and 6, also go with me every Saturday. When they first started, they were quite shy, but now, after doing it for six months, they are much more aggressive. They can give out 150 tracts easily in an hour because of their abundant energy.

"They hand them to people on the street and walk right into stores and give them to the employees. Because they are little and cute, most people will take them. The children know they are working for Jesus, and they love to do it.

"They have developed their own style. The older one will talk to people and tell them she has a gift for them. If they refuse it, she will try to leave it close to them hoping they will pick it up after we leave.

"The younger one, a boy, doesn't talk much, he just stands right in front of someone, and holds the tract out until they either take it or walk around him. If they are sitting down, he lays it in front of them and walks off.

"Many people will not take a tract from me, but they rarely turn down these little evangelists." These little ones have overcome, early, one of the biggest hang-ups we adults have: fear. Confidence in witnessing comes only by practice.

These grandparents have given the children a great gift in this. As they grow, they will be ready to understand the finer points of speaking to unbelievers about eternity and will have the boldness to do it.

If you are a "seasoned" soul winner, you are beginning to feel how short life is. The next generation must pick up the torch. But they probably won't do it unless we infect them by showing them how easy it is.

Do you know someone younger than you who loves the Lord but doesn't witness? If you show him how to do it, you will help guarantee that the gospel will continue to go out even after the Lord takes you home. Show him how, then give him a pack of tracts and challenge him to find people to give them to.

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