Soul Winners Use Their Imagination on Halloween

Last year several families sent exciting reports to Chick Publications about their experiences using Chick tracts at Halloween. In California, Randy C described how his 9-year-old son, Paul and 6-year-old daughter, Heidi did Halloween.

Instead of hitting the streets, they set up a table and two chairs on the front porch. Paul was in charge of the stack of Chick tracts and Heidi a big bowl of candy.

Business was slow at first but soon word got out and they were mobbed. Each sack got candy and a tract. Time and again kids or parents would thank them for the "little books."

Randy was amazed when one mother told her children at the door, "Now children, these books are about God. I want you to read them carefully." Teens would exclaim, "Wow! Cool! Thanks a lot!"

Later, when things slowed down, Paul went out to the street and began to shout, "Free Christian comic books!" and more trick-or-treaters would come running.

From New York City, Carlos called the Chick office to explain how he and a friend donned masks and went out on the streets together looking for groups of young people. When they saw some, they would yell, "Free comic books."

He said they were swarmed every time they yelled. Many times the mothers would make sure the kids said "Thank you."

At one point they met a group of children with their parents and Carlos' friend changed his voice when talking to them. Carlos asked him about it later and he said that they were his neighbors and he had never been able to give them the gospel before. This time they eagerly took the tracts. He was really excited.

Carlos said that this was the most effective night of witnessing he had ever had.

Another family in California set out a variety of Chick tract titles on a tray on a table so the kids could choose one. This worked particularly well with the older kids. The girls would choose romantic titles such as Love Story, Best Friend, and Party Girl. The boys would choose Superstar, The Warning, and No Fear.

When they were allowed to chose a tract, they showed a more eager reaction. Also, different titles were chosen by members of the group and were likely traded around so that they got the gospel several different ways.

This opportunity of Halloween works for small families or big churches. Last year one church rented a half-acre warehouse and set up a series of theater sets. On each set was a production of a life-ending play such as a car accident, shooting, etc. The final two sets showed people in hell or in heaven.

Thousands of people went through on the 5 nights it was open. On their way out they were given a copy of the Chick tract, Happy Halloween and met a counselor who asked if they knew where they would go if they died tonight. Several hundred came to trust Christ. Smaller churches may not have the resources for a big production, but most churches can do something.

With the streets swarming with kids during Halloween, ways of getting the gospel to them are endless.

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