Tract Fellowship Sending More Tracts to Missionaries

The Amazing Grace Tract Fellowship continues to expand its tracts-for-missionaries program. Featured originally in the Nov/Dec., 2002 issue of Battle Cry, this ministry was started by radiologist Dr. Paul Karmin specifically to supply Chick tracts to missionaries and outreaches around the world.

In the first four months of this year, AGTF has supplied over 200,000 tracts for distribution in 35 countries. One bookshop in Jerusalem had a fund to supply tracts to local ministries until the violence of the intifada caused a drop in business. AGTF supplied 13,500 tracts in Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. AGTF was told that, because of the situation there, both Israeli and Arabic people, as well as many foreign workers, were very open to the gospel.

In Poland, 11,000 tracts were sent for distribution to 40,000 high school students. In the Ukraine, 4,000 tracts were sent for use at tent meetings in some remote villages. Seventeen people trusted Christ in one meeting and another 6 during an open-air service in front of a disco.

After receiving 10,000 tracts from AGTF for his work in Nicaragua, missionary Dan Peters told how one woman had been delivered by the gospel. Her name was Jenny. She lived on the street and began coming naked to the church services. "I couldn't let her in naked," writes Peters. "So she would stand outside and listen to the service.

"Then she disappeared. About that same time a nicely dressed woman started coming to church. Six months later we figured out it was naked Jenny. She accepted the Lord from outside the church, listening in, and the Lord convicted her to start wearing clothes and to start coming inside and sitting with us during church." Like the demon possessed Gadarene in Luke 8, Jesus delivered her and she came "clothed and in (her) right mind."

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