Tract Passing Tips - January 2001

I'm a pastor. My wife and I had the joy of leading a 15 year old boy to the Lord. He had read a copy of The Execution. I didn't know this at the time I presented Christ as our substitute that afternoon. The boy said to us, "That's like what I read in one of those little booklets you left when you were here before." God had prepared his heart with a Chick tract, the Holy Spirit lead me to preach the substitutionary death of Christ and the Lord used this to save the boy's soul. By the way, I was saved in jail after reading a copy of This Was Your Life!
H.S., Toronto, Canada

This is a good way to reach a lot of people quickly. Get an apartment guide book. It has the addresses of the offices of many apartment complexes. Send a tract to each of these addresses.
K.W., Franklin, OH

This is for those people you see on the beaches looking for metal with metal detectors. I put a tract in a plastic baggy with some change on top of the tract. Then I bury the baggy a few inches under the sand.
O.C., Lafayette, IN

The best thing to do when placing tracts is to pray over them and the people who read them. Ask the Lord to put a hedge about the unsaved so the devil can't steal the seed sown in their hearts.
J.K., Jackson, FL

Our church had a Vacation Bible School recently. We had various games and contests. We used Chick tract assortment boxes as prizes. The kids loved them and competition went through the roof. The children would be reading them and trading them like baseball cards. We had many get saved. I also give assortment boxes as birthday presents to our church teens.
F.S., Newport News, VA

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