Tract Passing Tips - March 2002

When I attempt to hand someone a tract, sometimes they ask, "What`s this?" I tell them, "Something good to read!" If they insist on asking what it is about, I tell them it`s about Jesus; then I add, "Jesus loves you!" Many years ago when I was down and out in LA, and very depressed, two girls witnessed to me and told me Jesus loved me. I never forgot that moment, even though it was years later that I received Christ.

Different groups send a page of Avery- type labels with our return address printed on them.When we get ready to go on vacation, we stick our address label on each tract we take with us. In restaurants along the way we strike up a conversation with people we meet. Just before we leave we give them a tract with our address label facing up and say, "If your ever in North Florida, stop in and say hello." People look at our address and gladly receive the tract and put it in their pocket. We`ve never had anyone refuse a tract when given this way.

I put tracts in sandwich bags and put them under windshield wipers of cars where I work. I write down the license plate number to make sure I get a different car every time.
M.A., Langdon, WA

I`m 42 now, but I read This Was Your Life when I was 10. I didn`t get saved until I was 21, but that tract stayed in my mind all those years. Thank God for Chick Publications. My wife and I leave tracts all over mass transit (subway) trains and buses. We read them ourselves to pique passengers interest and soon we have ten or more reading Chick tracts. Keep up the good work!
A.N., New York City, NY

At food pantries where food is given to the poor, scotch tape a tract to the outside of food packages.

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