Tract Passing Tips - May 2000

Editors note: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to companies in their return postage paid envelopes, that you affix a stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive a tract, it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That's the wrong result.

I teach piano lessons, so have a basket of tracts as well as all the How to Get Rich and Keep It and handed them out to people on the strip who handed out pornography pamphlets. I also would leave tracts inside casinos and on top of newspaper vending machines.

As a former Catholic I take Last Rites, Why is Mary Crying and Are Roman Catholics Christians to the Catholic church 1/2 hour before mass. I distribute them in the pews, next to the holy water and even on the pulpet. Then I sit close to the back, and pray these dear people would receive them and receive what they read. I also drop one in the offering basket. Some times I walk out and put them on the cars parked outside.
B.T., Gaylord, MN

When our kids become intractable, or fight or rebel and won't repent, or are afraid because of a storm or bad dream, etc., we have them sit down and read tracts. After a few minutes, they're totally absorbed in the tracts. This helps them think on things that are noble, just, pure, etc.
M.H., Internet

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