Tract Passing Tips - May 2004

Once in awhile I pick free weekly town newspapers, just to see the classified section. If I see a psychic or other antichrist activity advertising, I get their address and send them a tract like Bewitched or This Was Your Life! Before I send it, I pray to our Lord Jesus to open their eyes as they read it.
D.R., New Jersey

In the summer time, my husband and I often drive through trailer courts looking for groups of kids. They always read Chick tracts and always flock to receive them.
M.S., Illinois

I've tried various means to get your tracts out including those you've suggested. I believe the Lord gave me a new one: I look in the phone book for people with the same last name as mine. I send them a tract along with a personal note telling them they are loved.
W.H., Maryland

As I walk through town or a shop, I'm burdened knowing people often don't know Christ. So God gave me the idea of simply handing out tracts with a smile and saying, "This is for you." Strangly enough they are taken without comment. If they ask about them, I say that the tracts tell how to go to heaven for sure. I'm even planning someday to include a tract in my funeral program. If I hear someone speaking in Spanish, I give them a Spanish tract. It's wonderful how tracts are received by people, even Muslims.
D.N., Nebraska

My kids and I like to ride commuter trains and put tracts in empty seats. I also like to go to garage sales on Saturdays and pass out tracts.
J.W., Texas

I enjoy handing out and placing Chick tracts. I found placing them back side up, they appear to be some sort of valuable coupon. They are eye catching and people go for them.
B.W., New Jersey

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