Tract Passing Tips

I put out a free box with tracts at our local swap meet. Many people ignore it, but some will take one or several. If I see they are Spanish/American, I ask them "Tu lees español?" When they respond, I hand them a Spanish tract and say "Son gratis, buenos noticias!" I only know a few words in Spanish, but this works.

I used the phone book and sent tracts to some of the listed foreign restaurants (Asian, Greek, Polish, Italian, Mexican, etc) in their language.
P.M., Internet

My sister is a piano teacher. Along with books and toys she puts out for other family members to enjoy, she puts out Chick tracts. They are the most read books she has. Parents and children alike will sit there and read through an entire stack (about 20 titles) while their sibling is taking a piano lesson. They love them!

My wife and I just started selling some items by computer auction (Ebay, Yahoo etc.) and we put Chick tracts into each package we ship.
S.L., Internet

My wife and I enjoy having yard sales. It gives us an opportunity to clean house and make a little fun money. We always set up a card table with a big poster sign saying, "Free Gift! Help yourself! in big block letters. On the table we have an assortment of Chick tracts. The results are fantastic!
F.S., Hampton, VA

There are many restraints placed on teachers in public schools in regards to witnessing to students. I don't "say" anything technically, but on my desk is a big container of Chick tracts. It has been instrumental in students coming to know the Lord.
C.R., Rockford, IL

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