Tract Passing Tips

Editors note: We would recommend that if you are sending tracts to companies in their return postage paid envelopes, that you affix a stamp. When the company has to pay the postage to receive a tract, it often turns the employer's heart against the gospel. That's the wrong result.

Go to open houses, brand new tract homes and homes to be sold anywhere, and put tracts in their cabinet, drawers, etc. At department stores, you could put tracts in refrigerators.

If you really want to see these tracts snatched up fast, try taping a bright new penny on the front of appropriate tracts such as How To Get Rich or children's tracts like Charlie's Ants. They seem to go twice as fast.

It has been difficult to find Chick publications in any of the "Christian" book stores. When I don't see any on display, I ask the manager, "Why?" Then I tell him that I will buy only in stores that carry and display Chick literature. Also I praise the book stores that do carry Chick. I wish that many others who use Chick would also do that. We need to speak up!

On my brief case, the pictures of all the large Chick comics are displayed. I removed the pictures from the Summer Chick catalog, even with the caption, "Books on Roman Catholicism." People ask me what these pictures are, therefore I'm not forcing anything on anyone, or soliciting. They ask me first!
J.L., Martinez, GA

The main Public Library in any large city will have a number of telephone books from other countries. You can copy pages on the copy machine and mail tracts to foreign addresses.
J.J., Toledo, OH