Tract Passing Tips - September 2001

I found the tract This Was Your Life! in an old box of junk. After reading it, my life was changed for the better! Since then, I have ordered tracts from you to pass out in doctor's offices, department stores, grocery stores and to neighbors. I'm always in hope of a soul being saved that day. I always get a good feeling inside when I do this.
M.R., Illinois

I am a school bus driver on the Mexico-Texas border. I have been using the tracts to give to gang members, drug dealers and homosexuals that ride my bus. One young man, who is into Satan worship, is coming to know Jesus Christ through your tracts. We must work while it is day because soon is coming a day when it will be too late.
P.A., Pharr, TX

I'm a pastor of an Independent Baptist Church. I ordered an assortment of your tracts and gave them to several of my church members to give out at work, school or wherever. One of my young members, who goes to a Christian school, gave Somebody Goofed to one of her friends and after reading it she was under conviction and got saved! One soul is worth it all!
B.T., New Mexico

My pastor told me that when he was at the airport, waiting for the plane to arrive, he noticed a tract on the bench on the seat beside him. He read it and placed it again on the bench, then got up and watched if someone would read it.

Two persons sat down, read the tract, and placed it back on the bench. Then one lady sat down, picked it up, read it, got up again swiftly and gave it to a passerby at the airport... and the Gospel goes out!
F.C., Alameda, CA

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