Tract Passing Tips

I first read Chick tracts when I was 20 as a U.S. Marine on a ship. A Navy Corpsman left Chick tracts on our table and we would sit around and read them. We were drunk all the time and listening to heavy/death metal. This Was Your Life, Holy Joe and Angels really made me aware of my need for salvation. We never would have gone to church or put up with preaching but we all read those tracts, dozens of times.

I got saved five years later and currently use Chick tracts to share the gospel with people. Here are some tract passing tips:

  • Write "free" on them and leave them on the counter when you pay for gas.
  • Wait by newspaper machines and offer some free "good news" with their paper.
  • Offer them to lost friends by using a "catchy" lead-in to the story.

M.F., Internet

I am an avid reader, so I usually check out 10-15 books at a time from my library. When I return them, I place a tract in each one. I also place a tract in each of my children`s school books when they return them at the end of the year. Big Daddy is my choice for the science books. Thank you for writing that tract, it seems that so few are aware of the errors of Darwinism, myself included before I read your tract!

C.H., California

Every now and then I receive one of those chain letters. Instead of throwing it out I use the five addresses to send a tract. I put a note with it saying I don`t need any of the recipes or whatever. Just think! Addresses of five people sent that you would never otherwise have.

J. N., Idaho

When I return a rental car, I slip a tract down into the spare tire area. Some one will find it while changing a tire when they probably need a spiritual lift. Also, I love the King of Kings comic book. Sometimes I leave them lying in areas where I have seen teenagers hang out, like the stair landings in urban apartments. I always leave them open to page 8, the garden of Eden story.

R.H., Texas