Tract Passing Tips - November 1999

My daughter and I (she is 4) put tracts in open car windows, convertibles and even sun roofs. Teacher's mailboxes at colleges: these are usually just little open boxes or pidgeon holes. I also mail tracts to hypnotists, psychics and just recently I sent Hi There! to a satanic art production company.
C.S., Internet

I take Chick tracts to the Juvenile Detention Homes locally and give them out to the kids. They collect them like sports cards. I go into the teen chat rooms on the internet and send them via IMs (Instant Messenger) to kids I witness to on line. I look for chat room titles that you have tracts for and e-mail them tracts like Trust Me.

I get lots of E-mail that has been forwarded (sometimes repeatedly) which brings with it the E-mail addresses of each prior recipient. I like to send an E-mail tract to every new E-mail address on the list. This is a way of reaching people with God's Word that may have no other contact.
K.S., Internet

I work in an office building with approximately 500 people and many visitors. In the lobby is a computerized directory of building occupants. I drop a tract (This Was Your Life!) each time I pass by the table on my way to or from the elevator.
T.K., Georgia

Truck stop plazas have free magazines and coupons for truckers. Grocery stores and restaurants also have literature racks in their lobbies with all kinds of free booklets and magazines. I go around periodically and put tracts in the free magazines.
R.G., Pennsylvania

We like to take our church youth group out to stores and see who can come up with the most unique place to put tracts. Our all time favorite is to put them in the outstretched hand of manikins.
L.K., Internet

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