Tract Tip: Heard at a Restaurant

"Do you have a new one? I like these. We all read them!" Our server`s smile was genuine, not just to get a good tip. It was our favorite restaurant and it was obvious we were favorite customers.

Bible believers should be in that class. What did Jesus say would be the distinctive mark of one of His disciples? It is that "ye have love one to another." (See John 13:35.) When you leave a good tip and a tract at a restaurant, you don`t just reach one person; it will be shared with the entire staff. Restaurant staffs are usually close-knit groups, working together in admirable harmony to make your dining experience superior to that of the very stiff competition. Whenever a tract is dropped into that environment, it usually gets circulated until everyone gets the message. Servers in general are to be admired for their ability to stay warm and friendly in the face of sometimes cold and demanding customers.

When a believer shows some interest in them by learning their name and treating them with caring courtesy, it is refreshing in their day that is sometimes punctuated with rudeness and disdain.

Many times you will find that the source of their smile goes beyond the desire for a good tip, but is backed up with their own faith in Christ and the resultant "joy of the Lord." If this is the case, they will especially appreciate the moment of fellowship, and, if they are dedicated soul winners, will see the tract as a valuable tool to strengthen their witness to their fellow servers.

If we really care about everyone, we will not overlook this special opportunity to reach a whole group of people with a single tract. However, if it is not accompanied with a generous tip, the message of the tract will be dampened by our uncharitable attitude.