U.S. Let War Criminal Escape to Save Vatican Face

According to U.S.Army intelligence documents, U.S.agents hunting escaped Nazi war criminals after World War II purposely avoided capturing one man because it "would deal a staggering blow to the Roman Catholic Church."

He was none other than Ante Pavelic, head of the Croatian Ustashi government for four years during the height of the war. The Sept. 12, 1947 memorandum signed by three agents of the Rome detachment of the U.S. Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), states: "Pavelic's contacts are so high and his present position is so compromising to the Vatican, that any extradition of Subject (Pavelic) would deal a staggering blow to the Roman Catholic Church."

At the time Pavelic headed a list of war criminals whom the Allies had agreed to return to Yugoslavia for trial. However, when he was located, he was under the protection of high Vatican officials who claimed that he could not get a fair trial if returned to Yugoslavia. Because of the danger of exposing the Vatican's role in Pavelic's war crimes, CIC agents recommended that the Vatican "views of Pavelic be appreciated and no direct police action be taken against him." He was then allowed to join many other lesser Catholic war criminals who followed the Vatican's underground escape route to safety in Latin America.

During Pavelic's reign, he and Roman Catholic Croatian prelate Archbishop Stepinac, persuaded 200,000 Orthodox Serbs to convert to Roman Catholicism. Their method of 'evangelism' was very effective: CONVERT OR DIE! 700,000 chose to die instead. They were butchered, burned (sometimes in their own churches) or shot to death after being forced to dig their own graves. Mutilations were beyond belief.

One war correspondent reported seeing a basket of human eyes displayed on Pavelic's desk. Some of his Ustashi soldiers were seen wearing necklaces of human tongues.

Today Catholic historians are feverishly rewriting history books and publishing articles deploring the Holocaust, trying to distance the Vatican from World War II involvement. But, like most wars, it, too, was a religious war. A war to rid the world of "heretics." The Chick tract, "Holocaust," describes Rome's basic plan to use Hitler, Mussolini and Franco to reestablish a Catholic dominated Europe.

Twenty million "heretics" died in their bloody attempt. When that failed, the pope brazenly tried to claim that the blood on his skirts was from trying in vain to save the victims. But only highly placed Catholics in the U.S. government prevented the truth from coming out during the post-war hunt for war criminals as these intelligence memos reveal.

Now, Rome has pulled in her deadly claws and presents herself to the world as a lovable and courageous defender of human rights. Having failed to gas and butcher all the heretics, she now is using sweet, ecumenical flypaper. And most of the world is buzzing right along into the spiritual death trap.

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