USPS Regulations on Tracts to Soldiers

The US Postal Service has issued a clarification of regulations for mail and parcels sent to military personnel stationed in Muslim countries. Some soul winners have been told that mailing non-Islamic religious materials is prohibited.

While this prohibition is true for bulk quantities of literature contrary to the Islamic faith, it does not apply to items for personal use by the addressee, according to a USPS news release.

There are many dedicated Bible believers among the military personnel committed to bringing freedom to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also deeply burdened for the souls of the local people.

However, it has been delicate to have troops, that are accustomed to full freedom of religion, stationed in countries under such religious bondage. At one point, U.S. servicewomen were required to wear the burqa, the full body covering required for Muslim women, when appearing in public.

Because of this, it is recommended that U.S. families who wish to send gospel tracts to their servicemen, contact them first to see just what tracts would be most useful and how many they can effectively use. It is also good to find out whether the tracts can be drop shipped from Chick Publications or if they should be sent as personal mail from the soldiers' families.

Chick Publications has literature that is desperately needed by Muslims, but getting it to them without endangering our soldiers or enflaming the Muslim leadership will not be easy.

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