Veteran Missionary Logs 40 Years and 1 Million Tracts

Missionary Gordon Pulley is known as the "million-tract man." Saved in 1965 in the military in Germany, he went to Bible College and returned to Germany in 1972 as a missionary. As soon as he was saved he saw the value of tracts. He says he recognized that a tract can be given when a spoken word is refused; that it contains God's Word that will not return void; that a tract can speak perfect German, Russian, or Turkish when the soul winner does not; that it can still preach the Gospel months or even years later.

Over the years, Pulley has handed out over a million tracts. From Germany, he was able to get the Gospel into neighboring Poland and the Czech Republic before the Berlin Wall came down. He was on the front line when the Soviet Union broke up and carried more tracts into Russia and East Germany.

When possible, he imprints the tracts with the name of a local church where those who get them can go for more information.

In the 30 years as a missionary in Germany he used every opportunity to get tracts into the community. He would frequent the plazas and any place he could reach a large number of people. He says there is one advantage in Europe over the U.S. It is legal, there, to place tracts in mailboxes.

One outreach was to the Russian ships that came to a port near them. He and his wife, Brenda, received permission to go aboard and hand out tracts in the dining rooms. Their arrival would be announced over the speaker system and shipmates would come to get tracts, bibles and other literature.

He is not discouraged by opposition. He remembers one man in Poland who got in his face over the tract Why Is Mary Crying? The man screamed at him in Polish, which Pulley did not understand. Finally, a crowd gathered and the man ripped up the tract, threw the pieces into the air and left. Several in the crowd then came to Pulley and requested a copy to see what all the fuss was about. Because of his outburst, many others received the Gospel.

Pulley is currently serving as relief for missionaries who need to return from the field for a few weeks. This gives him an opportunity to take his passion for tract witnessing to many mission fields. He prepares ahead of time with thousands of tracts in the languages of the field where he will be filling in.

When he is back in the states, he organizes outreaches to larger cities such as Washington DC, Chicago, in Florida and other states. He works with teams from local churches to blitz an area and teach the teams tract witnessing techniques. These outreaches often succeed in salting tens of thousands of tracts into the community where God will give the increase for years to come.