2021 Halloween... Look What Happened!

Kids leave with the Gospel on Halloween.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We asked you to send us your Halloween testimonies and we were blown away by the response! Below is a collection of some of the testimonies we received, organized by State and Country. It's our hope that these will be an encouragement to you and a reminder that you're not the only Christian who leaves their porch light on and shares the Gospel with the kids!

Thank you all for what you're doing for the Lord. Always remember, God promises that His Word will not return void! (Isaiah 55:11)


"This year’s Halloween Witnessing opportunity went well. The Lord sent a variety of children and young people our way, and we gave them a Chick tract and some candy. However, the most interesting thing is we only used about 1/3 of the tracts that night so I gave the rest away to my students at school the next day. At first, I was a little scared to do so because I am a high-school math teacher in a public school. But as I thought about it further, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and gave me courage to do it. The students gladly received both the candy and the tracts, and a lot of students started reading the tracts immediately and couldn't seem to put them down."



"This Halloween I was able by God's Grace to pass out over 80 Charlie’s Ants tracts. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus and thank you Chick Publications."


• • • • • •

"We participated in our town's halloween event that had somewhat of a carnival like vibe. At our booth we provided gift bags that included candy and the Happy Halloween tract. The event had better success than anticipated. We gave out every single gospel tract we had. My only disappointment is that I wish we'd ordered more."



"We had over 200 tracts and about a dozen Bibles taken by trick or treaters visiting our place on Sunday evening! On Monday, I received this encouraging email:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the tracts. I know your target audience was non-Christians, and my thoughts too were what a great opportunity for that. My girls have always come to church every week with me although their Dad isn't a Christian, but I've felt recently that my 12 year old has been at a bit of a crossroads, like feeling that God doesn't hear her prayers and getting old enough to stay home from church if she wants to. When I said good night to her last night she had read all the tracts and in tears told me that after reading "The Little Princess" she had asked Jesus into her life."



"We live in Venice, California. We don't get a whole lot of kids each year, but I think we had 35-40 this year. I saw a group of 5 or 6 big boys (maybe teenagers?) across the street, and it looked like they were going to pass by our house. I prayed, and stood outside on the porch, and one of them turned around and saw me, and they came over. Praise the Lord! We put two Chick tracts in a sandwich bag with good candy, and the kids always seem happy to get them. A few years ago, some kids came by, and I heard them say, "This is the Bible house" as they came up to the door."


• • • • • •

"Kids were sooo excited to get the baggies of tracts and candies. The kids go nuts over the colored comic books. Squealed with delight! One kid told us they 'look out for our baggies' every year. One 16 year old teen pointed to the SCREAM and THIS WAS YOUR LIFE tracts and said they were impactful and memorable for him. God's Word does not return void!"



"We passed out between 50 and 60 bags of candy with two Halloween Gospel tracts from you inside. We pray and believe that this will make a difference in the next generation. Thanks for the opportunity."



"So grateful to God for these innovative tracts that bring truth to the little ones through narratives that present the gospel. In a small town of about 1,000 people I handed out over two hundred chick tracts to the young people that came to my door. God is good!"



"I managed to get quite a few tracts out. This year seemed especially good as there are lots more people around. I was out doing my hobby photography and of course had a pocket full of tracts. I asked the Lord to make these fall into someone's hands and not get thrown away. I placed a tract on this little table with a chair next to it, which was by the canal in Camden, London. I came back around to this point after about 30 mins. I turned the corner and there was a man seated there reading a Halloween tract that I left earlier. Glory to the Lord. Yes Chick Tracts do get read."



"We gave out over 500 tracts on halloween night!! Yeah! So many families had the gospel go into their homes this evening!"



"I ordered two tract assortment packages, one for younger children and the other one for older children and teens. I read your tips for sharing them, which was helpful. I decided to put the tracts for older children and teens arranged into stacks on a metal cookie sheet. Then I let each older trick-or-treater pick one to add to a nice bag of treats that I had ready.

They seemed to be surprised and enjoyed picking out their own tract. The most popular tract of the night? It was The Walking Dead?!

I had also put a variety of candy and gum with other trinkets (fancy pencils and erasers from the dollar store) in a decorative party favor bag and then added the tract they chose to it. I wanted my bag with the tract to be extra nice as a good witness/testimony.

For the younger children, I passed out The Little Ghost tract in the colorful party favor treat bags that I had prepared. In addition, I prayed that each tract would be read not only by (or to) each trick-or-treater but also by multiple family members as well. Thank you for providing the great tracts with a compelling gospel presentation with tips for how to distribute them."



"We had 350 Chick tracts to give out this year - but no children as the last of ours went to college! So we offered them to a teacher in our local Christian school to offer to her students and they went like hotcakes! Kids handed them to houses they visited and to other children that they met outside. A huge success and very easy!"


• • • • • •

"Though I don’t celebrate nor decorate for halloween, I do give out candy and tracts. This year I gave out candy with tracts and heart stickers. The hearts represented the Love that Jesus has for us, and I shared the Gospel with all the parents that came to my door with their children on halloween. A few accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Many wanted to know more about Jesus. I’m praying for the others."



"We made 200 individual bags filled with candy and a chick track in each one. We gave out those 200 and had another 100 kids come after that! We had some kids coming back for more! One boy even asked if he could have one for his mom! It was a great day of giving Jesus to kids! My 5 year old helped in making the bags and passed some out too. Thanks for this great witnessing tool. I have always loved chick tracks and would read them while incarcerated. I have since been freed from addiction and prison and have a family, a good paying supervisor job, a house, and a new Jeep. God is good! I don’t hesitate to give my testimony for that’s how we overcome, by the Blood of the Lamb and our word of testimony! Thank you for being a part of giving Hope to the hopeless! God bless!"



"Every year I string a rope on my front porch; this year had almost ten people pick up tracts. Last year a few dozen. I took to heart your guidelines on which tracts should go to the older children and youngsters. We've had a general influx of young families moving in. I didn't find any of the tracts in the street/discarded; so, that's always encouraging!"


New Jersey

"Normally, we only have 30-40 treaters come to our door. This year I handed out 91 bags. I used ziplock sandwich bags containing one of your halloween tracts plus 3 pieces of candy. I put two tootsie rolls and one smartie since both don't contain allergens and are low in calories and sugar. Prayerfully these tracts will lead some to Christ and His wonderful promise."


New York

"The people are hungry for the Word! It didn't occur to me to take photos of the tracts, but I went out reverse trick or treating with the intention of finding a spot to sit and hand out the rolls and crayon packets as kids walked by. As I walked, the Holy Spirit led me to give them out as kids came towards me. As I crossed the Grand Concourse (Bronx NY), I was swarmed as we all waited for the walk sign at the divider! The 4 tiered rack and 2 tote bags of candy and crayon packets barely made it across the street. When the candy was gone the rack of tracts went in seconds after I let the kids know that they could take them. God is so good. Thank GOD for leading me to invest in the Chick tracts for His glory and the salvation of those who answer the call."



"We had over 100 trick or treaters and they all got several tracts. It is such a great way to witness."



"I wanted to report that my wife and I used your salvation tracts that were geared for young children and older children. We have been doing this for 4 - 5 years or more. Once we paired the tracts with the candy into snack and sandwich bags, we prayed over them. This year, we had mainly younger trick or treaters. We rejoice that we gave out over 50 tracts."


South Carolina

"Thank you for making the Chick Halloween tracts available for Halloween!! I use them every year. It is amazing to me to watch how effective they are. This year, like every other year the children came to the door as parents stood along side. Each time the kids saw the tract go into their bags with some candy they pulled it out and started to read it before they left the driveway!!! The coolest thing to me was to watch them show their parents and they started to read it as well!! I'm praying that seeds will be planted and one day I will see the harvest from these tracts in heaven!! It's a great way to share the Gospel. The kids come right to your door and one tract can be read by multiple of people!!!"


• • • • • •

"Our Lord was already convicting me to fight the darkness with the light in our neighborhood. They were having a block party celebrating 'Helloween'. They wanted everyone to setup tables at the end of our driveway with treats. I then saw your Vlog 241 posted, "What if the Devil Came to Your Door?". That confirmed what the Lord had put on my heart. I dressed up as a True Christian Soldier, and sat in my Colman camping chair/table with Chick Tracts, $ Tract Bills along with brand new $1 Bills. It was a big hit for the children & parents! Thank you so much for inspiring us to fight the Good Fight against the darkness of this world, with the True Light of His Word!"



"This was my first time to use Chick Tracts. Gave away every one I had with little bags of candy. No feedback, but no one protested either. Kept some at my shop on the counter. A customer picked up one with a funny face. I told him he could keep it. He told me that years ago he was searching for meaning. And when he was leaving the Navy to find that meaning, a sailor whom he barely knew, handed him that very tract. The customer told me that he kept it and read it. And about 6 months later gave his life to Christ. He was an older man, but he still walked with the Lord. I don't know which tract he took. So you never know how the Lord will use something as seemingly inconsequential as a little paper tract."


• • • • • •

"Caleb and I hand out tracts at our local football games in the heart of Texas and we call it Friday night Light! 'Boo!' is a great Chick tract we handed out for Halloween. These tracts were gobbled up so quickly and we had great responses from all! No one rejected these tracts and it opened up conversations about Jesus Christ our Lord! We had several folks want to know more about salvation! Praise the Lord."



"I've been passing out Chick gospel tracts for many years now. We moved to a new area 5 years ago and not many trick or treaters until this year we had about 60, kids teens etc. Everyone was so excited to get a gospel 'comic book'. I also pass your tracts out year round and very rare do I get rejected. Yes, chick tracts work!"


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