Catholic Leaders Petition to Remove Pope Francis


A coalition of high-level Catholic teachers and writers have produced an 18-page document of charges against Pope Francis demanding that he resign the papacy. They are accusing him of criminal behavior and heretical teachings. If he does not resign voluntarily, they are petitioning the College of Cardinals to remove him.

Signers of the petition include experts in canon law, editors of Catholic publications and prominent Catholic philosophers and theologians from around the world. They claim that Francis has violated canon law, natural law, divine law and the harboring and even promotion of clerical sex offenders.

Petition Exposes Priest Sex Offenders

The petition provides a list of cardinals, bishops, and other prominent leaders who are accused of sexual abuse of nuns, teenage girls, seminarians, and orphans. They are claiming that Francis did not adequately deal with them and even promoted some of them on to positions of higher authority

Another major concern of the writers of the petition is the pope’s relationship to atheist China. They point out that Francis made a concordat (a type of treaty or agreement) with China in 2018. They claim that, as a result, the Pope immediately stopped talking about the persecution of Chinese Christians even though China reneged on their part of the agreement.

Pope Charged With Heresy!

Another section of the letter brings the charge of heresy claiming that the pope “has publicly and pertinaciously contradicted a number of central teachings of the Catholic faith.” One of these is his handling of same-sex relationships and his favoring religious pluralism, that all religions have equal standing before God.

For the Bible believer, however, this seems like just another internal squabble in a counterfeit church that only uses the Bible when they can twist it to fit their baptized paganism. Even the leadership that is lobbying for corrections of heresy, continues to stay with an organization based on the heretical worship of a wafer-god and a virgin goddess idol, condemned by the Bible that they claim to want to obey.

Such exercises in hypocrisy are only a change in the window dressing. They know that if the Pope strays too far from the commonly held Catholic beliefs, their whole viper’s nest of heresies will be exposed to the world.

No where in the preserved words of God do we find approval for such a structure of hierarchical political power and spiritual bondage practiced by the papal system. Jesus sat on the hill outside Jerusalem and wept over the bondage exercised by the powerful hypocrites of His day.

Most Protestant circles today have not examined the “abominable heresies” that the popes have buried (but not recanted of) in their hugely successful campaign to become just another “Christian denomination.”

Jesus Sacrifice Not Quite Enough?

Would the apostle Paul really approve of spiritual fellowship with an institution that denies the power of the cross to totally remove sinners’ guilt? In the ritual of the Mass, their re-sacrifice of the wafer-god that they call Jesus is simply a pagan blasphemy.

How can they encourage prayers to a virgin Mary goddess idol when the Bible clearly says that Jesus is our only Advocate? No amount of hail marys can atone for this kind of disrespect for the supreme Creator of the universe.

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