Bible Ribbons

After you watch the video, these extra points will help you make your own Bible study aid.

Step 1:
Take white glue, ordinary cardstock and five 3mm or 6mm ribbons, like these:

Purple - Old Testament History

Green - Wisdom Literature

Rose - Prophecy: Judgment and Mercy

Red - Gospels and Acts: Blood of Jesus Christ

Blue - Epistles: Preparation for Heaven

Step 2:
Insert your folded, glued, dried bookmark into the spine of your Bible.

Step 3:
Set each bookmark in Chapter 1 of its section: Purple in Genesis, Green in Job, Rose in Isaiah, Red in Matthew and Blue in Romans. Each day as you read a chapter, move the ribbon forward to keep your place. More information on this Bible reading plan can be found in pages 18-20 of The Next Step.

Note: To keep your Bible ribbons from fraying, you may coat the ends with a little clear nail polish.

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