Should we dump the King James Bible because of "archaic language?"

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Jack: Now, one of the objections that we get is, "Nobody can understand it. Nobody can understand the King James Bible. The words are too difficult."

David: That's so funny! Because people take college classes all the time, and they learn new vocabulary words. You pay a lot of money to a college for a company to employ you, and they teach you new vocabulary words.

There's only what, 600 words or so in this (The King James Bible Companion) ? And that's nothing. The vocabulary of the whole King James Bible, as I've said in one of my vlogs, is the amount of vocabulary of a five and a half year old. (See Vlog 34: Is the King James Too Hard?) My kids were reading the King James Bible at that age. My friends' kids actually learned to read off the King James Bible. One of my kids also did. It's not a matter of difficulty of words. It's just a matter of learning them, just like anything else.

Jack: Well now, I have another question. What about the modern versions, like the NIV, or the New King James? Those are pretty popular. The ESV is another popular version now. Are there any difficult words in those?

David: There are. There's a book called "Archaic Words and the Authorized Version" (by Laurence M. Vance). You can still get a copy of it, I'm sure. And it will show you that all the Bibles have these kind of words in them - pretty much - and you have to learn them in any Bible. It's really a fake argument to get you to say, "Oh, it's too hard!" Again, my kids would say, "No, it's not." And it's really sad when a little kid can put a scholar with a Ph.D to shame, by understanding the Bible better than he does.

Jack: Interesting. And you know it's true, even when you play sports, you have to learn a position. Don't you have to learn the names of a position? Or if you're a carpenter, don't you have to know what a soffit, a fascia, or ridge, any of these things is?

So it's not surprising that if you're gonna learn something as important as the Bible, that you're also gonna have to learn some vocabulary words. We learn vocabulary words in business. No matter what business you're in you get trained and you learn the nomenclature of that particular business. So what a surprise that you have to learn it for a Bible that's more important than any of the other things that we do.

So there's one of the things you can use, this little Companion dictionary that can go right in your Bible if you ever have any questions. And you'll pick up the words really quickly, anyway.

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