From the desk of Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ:

SpookySatan is scheming to corrupt our children like never before.  Schools, movies, books... they are all presenting witches, demons, werewolves, etc. as “fun” and entertaining.  The poor kids have no idea that everything demonic is hated by God, and that we are forbidden to even be involved, or “familiar” with such spirits.  Halloween is on its way to becoming the biggest holiday of the year!  Everything satanic is being glorified.

Is it any wonder that when these kids get older, they are more likely to experiment with witchcraft and the occult?

Want to pull them back to reality?  You do it by handing them our Halloween tracts.  For some kids, this will be the only time they will be exposed to the gospel. 

This Halloween, millions of lost kids will come to the front doors of Christians… asking for a treat. What an amazing witnessing opportunity.

Those kids need your help.  This is a war for their souls!

Yours for the lost,
Jack Chick

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