Parents Beginning to Win

A photo of a father walking his kids to school
Parents' trust was shattered, but somebody had poked the bear.

Getting the gospel to the kiddos that come to our door for Halloween treats is doubly important today. Marxists in the government and in the school system are working day and night to separate the kids from their parents. On the bright side, many parents are awake now and beginning to use what resources we have left.

Up until the disruption of COVID-19, parents were generally trusting their public school systems. As they began to look over the shoulders of their children working on their computers at home, that trust was shattered.

When the Bible was removed from the schools, parents bought the lie that all teaching would be neutral, centered around “reading, writing, and arithmetic.” Now, the fog is clearing and they are beginning to see the evil that has filled the vacuum. The religion of Marxism has crept in, pitting race against race to create chaos, disrupting the culture, hoping to install the authoritarian government of the anti-christ.

Part of that chaos was confusion over gender. TV and social media filled the children’s minds with new and disturbing questions. Teachers trained in the Godless universities provided the answers. Suddenly, a whole generation had to decide whether they wanted to boys or girls.

All of this was done behind the backs of the trusting parents.

But somebody had poked the mama bear. Fortunately, in America, we still have a semblance of representative government. Parents began to visit school board meetings and discovered that their vote really did have consequences.

When they began to voice their concern, microphones were shut off and, in some cases, security would hustle them out of the meetings. It took a few election cycles for the parents to begin to get some traction. Articles are beginning to show up where courageous new school board members are standing against the evil.

And it is certainly a David/Goliath scene. To understand the size of the Goliath, one need only to consider a recent bill, AB957, that is waiting on the California governor's desk. It brazenly instructs judges to include gender confusion when determining the fitness of parents.

In the past, when Child Protective Services were called in, parental neglect or physical abuse were primarily considered. The new bill adds the refusal of parents to “affirm” a child’s wishes to switch genders. The child could theoretically be removed from the family if the parents objected to the transgender roller coaster that often leads to physical mutilation and permanent sterility.

With this kind of backing from the state, local school boards have published policies that teachers are not required to inform parents when a student wanders into the transgender ditch. Some parents have succeeded in being elected to school boards where they can counter these policies.

Several public school boards in California have stood up to the state that is determined to keep parents in the dark when their children are confused about their gender. The vicious counterattack by state officials has placed the cases in the hands of judges.

Final outcomes in the courts are still somewhat of a toss-up. But one recent preliminary injunction is encouraging. Two teachers in the Escondido Union School District sued their district and the state education board about the policy of keeping the parents in the dark. They were able to get a preliminary injunction against the school's policy, placing it on hold for a future determination of the lawsuit.

“Parental involvement [is] essential to the healthy maturation of schoolchildren,” wrote [Judge] Benitez. “The Escondido Union School District has adopted a policy without parent input that places a communication barrier between parents and teachers …” (California Family Council, Sept. 18, 2023)

Removing the Bible from the public schools was a major step in removing the gospel from the culture. This Halloween we have an opportunity to get the gospel into dozens, or even hundreds, of homes in our neighborhood to counter the evil that has invaded the lives of our children.

David approached Goliath, not only with the knowledge that his cause was right but that the “JUDGE OF ALL THE EARTH” had his back. Today, believers must move with that same kind of confidence and “run to the battle” just like David did.

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