Table of Contents - Street Preachers' Manual

From "Street Preachers' Manual" © 1989 by Rev. Gerald Sutek
Reproduced by permission.

"There is a right way and a wrong way; those who choose
the wrong way may gain immediate attention, but their
reputation is shortlived." Gerald Sutek

How to carry out a public ministry of witnessing through street preaching, how to handle hecklers and confrontation, and still be effective.

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The purpose of this book is to supply street preachers and workers with the current, vital information they need, in order that they may experience maximum fruit and minimum opposition. As things wax worse and worse in the closing days of this Laodicean church period, and as the governments tighten their grip on the churches, the street ministry may well be the last ministry of gospel evangelism. Every soldier of Jesus Christ needs to be as knowledgeable as possible about this ministry — especially if the Second Coming of the LORD is still measurably distant.

It is the prayer of the author that his over twenty years experience and knowledge contained in this book, will be used as a very effective tool against sin and the devil, and will inspire and encourage many front line soldiers of Jesus Christ to stand in the gap — on the streets of America and around the world.



  • Honor
  • Heritage
  • Hell and Heaven
  • Hercules or Herman
  • Hecklers, Heretics & Handouts


  • Constitution
  • City Ordinances
  • Confrontation
  • Compromise
  • Court
  • Resources


  • Prayer
  • Preparation
  • Placement
  • Projection
  • Protection
  • Proclamation
  • Music
  • Prayer


  • Salvation Proclaimed
  • Souls Are Saved
  • Sin Stifled
  • Soldiers Strengthened

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