World Money System Moving Right along —To Where?

Paying with digital currency illustration.
IMAGE: Paying with digital currency illustration. (Credit: BigStockPhoto)


In order for the Antichrist to get complete control of our lives, he must limit the free use of money.

Since most people only have a vague notion of how money fits into the overall picture, the advocates of world government have quietly made great advances toward their goal.

The latest development is a handbook recently published by the International Monetary Fund, a department of the United Nations. It is entitled the Virtual Handbook Of Central Bank Digital Currency.

This handbook lays out the next step in the plan to remove control of the world's money from the common man and hand it over to the coming world government.

To understand the importance of this development, we need to recognize that a dependable U.S. dollar has always been part of our lives. It is like religious freedom, where we have grown up to assume that it is just there.

But behind the scenes some tectonic changes have been made that affect the value of the dollar.

What they call “inflation” suddenly becomes a concern when it takes a lot more dollars to fill a grocery cart or a gasoline tank. But this is just one small part of the big picture that leads to what Revelation 13 describes as full control of our buying decisions.

One early step that we did not notice was the elimination of cash. Some studies estimate that more than 80% of all transactions are now done in digital currency rather than hard dollars. Some people still remember when it was safer to put your money in the mattress rather than in the bank. Major steps have been taken to guarantee that the money that is in the bank is safe.

But while we trusted the system to keep our money safe, it has lost over 90% of its value in the last 100 years.

In other words, it takes 90% more dollars to buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of gasoline than it did 100 years ago. Even though some tell us that that is malfeasance by the U.S. central bank called the Federal Reserve, it is still a fact of life, whether that is correct or not.

There is adequate suspicion about this theory to raise concern about transferring control of the money supply to a global central bank that is part of the United Nations.

But the larger concern here is the fact that these changes in handling the money supply have been increasingly taking control AWAY from the people and GIVING it to national governments.

In the last few months, we have become aware that banks are cancelling accounts and refusing explanation. Since several of these accounts have been held by Christians or Christian organizations, this looks like the beginning of what the Bible predicts in Revelation chapter 13.

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And if these are isolated incidents on a local level but are test cases for what they really want to do nationally and globally, that prophecy may be just around the corner.

If we look at the restrictions experienced by Christians that now try to survive in the Marxist environment of countries like China, Cuba, and Venezuela, the path that we are on appears quite visible.

That path has led them to hyperinflation, shortage of food, and underground churches. The digital money also provides a way for the government to watch how the people spend their money. Using it to pay tithes to an underground church can get you an unplanned prison ministry.

If we give control of our money to the UN, the wonderful freedoms that we have had will continue to evaporate.

As biblical prophecy unfolds before our eyes, persecution appears very likely.

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America's forefathers and soldiers have paid a high price for the freedom that we take for granted. The least that we can do is use what's left of that freedom to rescue as many as we can from the eternal damnation that the current culture is moving them toward.

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