Afghanistan's New Constitution Worries Christians

Long term goals in Afghanistan's government becoming more of a threat towards Christians.

Can We Still Call Them 'Men of Peace?'

The latest foiled plot by "Islamic fascists" to blow up a bunch of airliners has shocked the world while Western leaders are still trying to sort out Islam's seeming double face.

Common Logical Fallacies Made by Muslims

Muslims, though sincere, don't realize some of the illogical reasoning they must believe to serve Allah. Here are ten common 'logical fallacies' made by Muslims.

Converted Imam Wins Hundreds to Christ in Sudan Prison

A Sudanese Muslim imam who converted to Christianity five years ago has revealed that he was imprisoned by a Khartoum court for six months during 1991 on apostasy charges.

Don't Muslims Worship the Same God as Christians?

In an age when most people do not believe that Truth exists, the mere fact that you have sought us out on the internet reveals that you want to know the Truth about God. Is Allah the same as the Christian God?

How the Qur'an Came To Be

Modern scholars using sound principles of literary analysis have determined that the Qur'an did not come from Muhammad.

How to Deal with Sin: Christian-Muslim Contrast

The Muslim and Christian difference of approach to sin sets the two religions far apart.

Islam: Mathematical Righteousness

Every Muslim fears the scales of justice, which weigh his good deeds against his bad deeds," writes Ergun and Emir Caner, in their book, Unveiling Islam.

Islam's Hadith Describes A Capricious God and a Perverse Prophet

If Allah is God (as some Christians claim) and Muhammad is his apostle (as Muslims claim) then whatever Muhammad says must be true.

Muslim Children Caught in System of Hate and Death

The use of children in warfare is one of the most tragic developments in modern conflicts.

Muslim Heaven Reads Like a Playboy's Dream

Immediately after the terrorist attack in September, it became common knowledge that religion was their primary motivation.

Muslim TV Exec Beheads Wife Over Divorce

A killing in Buffalo, New York has horrified Americans and provided varying degrees of shock in the Muslim community.

Radical Muslims Recruiting in U.S. Prisons

Is there a terrorist training camp near you? Some of the leaders of America's prison ministries say that there could well be.

Salvation - Muslim Style

The recently closed month of fasting by Muslims called Ramadan provided a glimpse into the grass-roots Islamic view of salvation.

Scientific Errors in the Qur'an

If the Qur'an is the infallible Word of God, then it stands to reason that it would NOT contain factual errors of science. Here is one major error that God would never make!

Shocked Muslims a New Witnessing Opportunity

The rise of the radical Islamist Jihadist movement, ISIS, has sent shock waves through the Muslim world. Many 'moderate' Muslims are beginning to say to themselves: 'Is this the Islam that I belong to?

What Did Mohammed Think of Jesus?

The ultimate test of any religion is its view of Jesus.

What Do Muslims Want?

In the maelstrom of events in the Middle East that is tormenting the entire planet, there has surfaced a document that claims to be a letter from former al-Qaida leader, Osama bin Laden. In over 3000, words he lays out a worldview that is completely foreign to the western mind.

What Made Mohammad a Christian?

Mohammad Al Ghazoli's journey to Christ.

Will the Moderate Muslim Please Stand Up

We are told that most Muslims are moderates, opposed to terrorism. If terrorism is truly contrary to Islam, will the "real" moderate Muslims please stand up?

Would Muhammad Approve Blowing Up an Airliner?

Moderate Muslims claim "Islam is peaceful." Muslim radicals claims "Muhammad told us to kill you." Who is right?