Tract animation DVD (Sissy & Tiny Shoes)

  • $4.95

"Tiny Shoes" and "The Sissy," are now available as animations. Get them both on one DVD. (Read More)

Multi-Language: $4.95 each

Audio Languages Included: English, German, and Spanish

3 Language DVD

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DVD Details

Publisher: Littleshots Animations
Run Time: 21 Minutes
Format: NTSC
Price: $4.95
Subtitles: Does not have subtitles or Closed Captions

Steve West called Chick Publications with an idea, and a vision.  He asked for permission to make video animations of Chick tracts, using software currently available.  His vision was to deliver these gospel messages to a generation that is reading less and less.  He hoped to have them translated and make something that would help missionaries spread the Gospel.

We gave him permission, and he formed Littleshots Productions and produced videos from two of Jack Chick’s stories, “The Sissy” and “Tiny Shoes.” 

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Steve West does not have a fifty million dollar budget (he paid for it all himself), so the result may not be Pixar-quality, but the gospel message is emotional and uncompromised. We are making these two stories available to you on DVD so you can use them in your ministry.  To see if they meet your needs, we suggest you watch them first (see video players above).

You can show them to your Sunday School class, youth group, or even your church.  Then discuss the message of the story and lead people to Christ.  Also, if you purchase a copy, you are free to make as many copies as you wish for your own use.  You can give them away like a tract, too.