21-Pocket Counter Top Rack

  • $45.00

This rack is made of metal wire and is best for use on a table top. It holds up to 21 different tract titles. (Read More)

English $45.00
Out of stock. This item is discontinued. The manufacturing cost has become too expensive. Please consider the plastic tract rack instead.

This metal rack comes with 21 pockets that each hold a pack of 25 tracts. The dimensions are 16W" X 14D" X 14H" making it the right size to display the tracts on a countertop.

Use on a table in your church or put a rack in your restaurant, gas station, or other small business. Encourage customers to take one free.

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Rack Details

Price: $45.00
Dimensions: 16W" X 14D" X 14H"
Weight: 5 Lbs
Tract Capacity: 525 Tracts