A Message From Jack Chick

Dear Ones in Christ,

Today I was told what happened to a lady in the Seattle area.  She worked in a convalescent type facility and a number of employees were from Sierra Leone, Africa, all of whom were Muslim.  One man became very angry when he noticed the little golden cross she was wearing.  He said Christianity was a lie and the gospel was bull.  He also made a death threat.  That man was later given a leave of absence for mistreating a patient. 

This story made sense because I had just read a book by Brigitte Gabriel entitled Why They Hate(well worth reading).  Her book reveals Muslim thinking which is entirely different from ours.  In contrast to the politicians, she shows us what we are really facing and it isn`t pretty.  She reveals the deep-seated hate they harbor for any faith other than Islam.

This is a cruel religion, now on the offensive, backed with oil money, and committed to using weapons of mass destruction.  The goal is an Islamic world.  Europe is undergoing riots, which will eventually happen here.  We are facing a powerful force.  Prison officials are rejecting Chick gospel tracts but embracing Islamic publications.

In America, the Muslims have an organization called Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) which attacks anything they find offensive to Muslims.  Besides coming through our borders, Muslims are having large families to increase their influence in our culture.  Their ultimate goal is an Islamic flag over our White House.

So, here we are facing an enemy within—who hates us.  What are we to do as Bible believers? The Lord Jesus said, "Love your enemies."  We must pray for the salvation of these precious Muslims who are lost and without hope.  We must try our best to lead them away from their moon god, Allah, to the true and living God.  Muslims, like all others, are sinners heading for the lake of fire.

John Wesley said, "A tract is the easiest way to reach a sinner."  He should know.  By salting down England with gospel tracts and strong preaching, the nation was saved from revolution.

Our young people are a primary target of Islam —and they are on the offensive.  But so are we.  God has given us a tract that He has promised to bless.  It is probably the simplest gospel we have ever produced.  It`s called Set Free? and we can hardly keep up with the orders.  Try to get at least 5 tracts into the hands of young people each week.

God told us that the "righteous are as bold as a lion" and that His word will not return void.  This scripture is for you: "And in nothing terrified by your adversaries; which is to them an evident token of perdition, but to you of salvation, and that of God."    Philippians 1:28.

The gospel is more powerful than Islam, so let`s take on the enemy with boldness, rescuing the precious souls who are trapped in this cruel religion.

Your brother in Christ,

Jack T. Chick, President
Chick Publications, Inc.