Evolution's Big Lie Looking More Absurd

When Neil Armstrong guided the lunar lander down toward the surface of the moon in 1970 he had many concerns.

A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

Chick Mail Bag May-2007

Teenage girl got saved after reading all the tracts in Chick Assortment Pack.

Mormon President Pushes Book of Mormon Fiction

Gordon B. Hinckley, 96-year-old president of the Mormons, told the biannual meeting of the Latter Day Saints that the Book of Mormon contains a valid account of Christ`s dealings with the American Indians.

'Biggest Street Party in the World' Seeded With 120,000 Tracts

The Mardi Gras Carnaval in Salvador, Brazil is the "biggest street party in the world," according to street evangelist Danny Callis.

Prison Ministry Letters: May-2007

The tracts went from cell to cell. 75 men were saved.

Short-Term Mission to Alaska? - Church Finds New Way to Share Gospel

Church meets 8000 cruise passengers daily with the Gospel.

Tract Passing Tips - May 2007

Tract witnessing ideas include tracts in student cars at high school.

Muslim Author Finds the True God He Knew Had To Be There Somewhere

'While I was lost as far as the Islamic religion is concerned,' he says, 'a born-again Christian put a Bible in my hands, and said —Read.`

Catholics Told: 'You Can't Understand The Bible'

When you witness to a Roman Catholic, he will probably tell you he is a Christian and that his 'church' is based on the Bible.

Kids Love Chick Tracts All Over the World

Missions report: Chick Tracts in a hundred languages are hard at work sharing the gospel all over the world.

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